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Limited Resources - New strain planned!


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Hi Chaps

I'm quite new to this forum as you can see from my low post count, but I'm already massivley impressed by the wealth of knowledge and experimentation on here... smart people smoke too - who knew huh? :)

Anyways, onto my dilemma - I'm hoping for a little advice if it's not too much to ask...

I live in a country in SE Asia where the good green 'erb is frowned upon somewhat and the only stuff available is wild grown grass (suppose you could call it 70's style)... That is unless you want to pay HUGE money for imported stuff but the supply is unreliable and at 600 bucks an Oz it's unaffordable when you toke a lot....

Not so many growers here so no real supply shops or anything.

I can get hold of lights no problem, and buckets/pots, filters, fans and the such like....

The only thing I'm really struggling with is soil and nutes....

I can't seem to find any of the brands that people mention on here (Fox etc)... so I'm wondering can I make an organic alternative for both seedling and veg/flower stage?

Or can I just use compost or soil mix from the local garden centre? If so, what qualities should I look out for in the ingredients, what percentages etc?

My plan eventually is to grow some local bud (you get about a million seeds per bag - but then an ounce costs less than a crate of beers lol) and then cross pollinate it with the dutch haze... Apparently the local bud is actually a real nice sativa if grown properly so this should give some interesting results of a quality sativa but very hardy and easy to grow (the local bud will grow ANYWHERE - I've seen it growing wild in some of the funniest places :) )

Who knows, I might even post y'all some seeds of the babies to try (outgoing post no worries, incoming post potential big worries lol :)

Anyways, any advice on soil/nutes would be hugely appreciated..

Peace & Grace


Droopy Dog

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Can you source peat moss?

Can you source perlite, or pumice, or rice hulls?


cypress green

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any of the organic multipurpose soil will do,look out 4 bugs,a 50% mix of promix,35% verm & 15% perlite is good mix 4 soil grows,nice 4 drainage etc,never use the directed dose on the feed bottles e.g tom food,a good org mix also is 4 pts soil,1 prt peat moss,1 prt verm & 1 prt perl,keeping soil moist wen hand watering.Good ferts 2 try are,botanicare pure blend pro,foxfarm,big block works fine,remember 2 wks b4 harvest to flush the salts out with bottled water,room temp,no ferts.Feed 2 wks after germ,2 times a wk & stop b4 harvest,2 wks.Try 25% of recommended dose feed then work up,b careful of over ferts,flush when pistils are 25% brown,harvest when stopped when pistils are 50-75% brown.Grow temp:day-70-80f without co2 & 80-90f with,until last 2 wks when daytime temp 70-80f.Nite temp above 60f,flowering nite drop of 10-20f. Humidity:30-70%,aim 4 75% 2 85% Acceptable:40-150f % hum-20-90%.Ph:6.2-7.Germ temp:72-80f.If using rockwool,remember 2 wash in ph neutral water.Kelp meal or bonemeal or bat guano is brill 4 added 2 soil.Did that help?
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