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Limiting factors of growth and yield


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People often ask how to increase there yield.
To get the fastest growth rate and best yield possible you need to address the 5 limiting factors.
focus on the weakest one first.
the 5 main limiting factors in NO order of importance are

Liebig barrel analogy is a brilliant way to demonstrate my point.

you can give your plant all the light and nutrients it needs but if you don't give it enough water how can you expect to get a decent yield. once you have given the plant enough of everything it needs the next best way to increase your yield is by vegging for longer.

your plant needs light, a full spectrum of it. younger plants don't need a strong light but as the plant gets bigger you need to give it as much light as possible. To choose the correct lighting for your situation you need to figure out you grow limitations. If heat is an issue for you you should not use hps as these get very hot. cfls are good for younger plants but lack penetration and not so much light reaches the lower leaves. There are alot of brands of leds on the market now and some people have been getting really good results. as i general rule of thumb I would say a higher wattage of anything the more lights your plant will get.

your plants need C02 to convert the light they are absorbing into food. so the more C02 available to your plants the faster they can photo-synthesize. normal air from outside is usually around 400 ppm witch is great for plant growth. Some gardeners supplement C02 in there garden and increase the levels up to 1100 ppm witch improves growth and yield up to 30% i have heard.

give your plants plenty of water if your in hydro you should have plenty. In soil you should let it dry out before watering again this will encourage the roots to grow out more in search of water and also prevent root rot. If your plant shows signs of under watering like drooping you should water immediately. and if you didn't no plants need water you should leave haha :peace:

nutrients are required for all types of biological processes in the plant. Most nutrients will have an n-p-k ratio on the bottle, Different ratios are required during flower and veg. Nitrogen is n and is needed to make chlorophyll witch is what makes the leaves green and is needed for photosyntheses. P is for phosphorus and is needed for root and shoot growth. K is potassium witch is needed for regulation of water and nutrients throughout the plant and promotes Flowering. There are other Nutrients required too such as calcium and sulphur not as much is needed though. If your plant doesn't have the correct pH in the root zone it wont be able to absorb the nutrients it needs. in hydro pH is usually 5.5-6.5 and in soil usually 6-7.

your plants need a suitable temperature in order to thrive. anywhere from 22c-29C or 72f-85F. below 22c the plant metabolism slows down and the plans don't as drink much water and growth is slow. above 29C the plants get stressed and go into stress mode and can get stunted.

if you master these five areas you will be producing bountiful harvests in no time
keep your pH and humidity in check too and you will be surprised how fast your plants grow.
I hope this guide I made is helpful to everyone.
Happy growing feel free to check out my journal linked at the bottom :thumb:

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Old posts need to be bumped once in awhile. This is good info.


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Thanks for sharing. Makes sense, they can only grow so much as their limiting factor allows.
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