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Hey you, welcome to my grow journal and I hope you enjoy the read filled with some eye candy.

What we have going on here is my second official journal consisting dynasty seeds in doc’s high brix soil mix. Feel free to jump in any time and I like it when people share knowledge, experience, advices and help each other grow better products. This second run is for @Duggan and I’m going to make him proud by not using a scrogg screen set up :yahoo: . :slide:

On Oct 6th there was total of six regular seeds planted in first run soil mix inside of 1 gallon plastic containers. Seeds was not pre-soaked or placed in wet paper towel, just straight into the soil. So far six out of six seeds broke the soil and they have been reaching for the lights. Pretty soon they will be topped and probably will finish in 10 or 15 gallon depending on how many are female/male. It would be pretty sick if all six were female and that would be 100% success rate!

List of strains:

Bluniverse (Blue Magoo x Ms.Universe)
Super Silver Blue Mago (Blue Magoo x Super Silver Haze)
Blue Coffin (The cough x Blue Heron)

Space: Approx 10x9x7.5
Lights: 1000w MH / HPS
Veg Time (18/6): Guessing approx. 2-3 months
Flower time (12/12): Approx. 9 weeks
Water source: RO water
Nutrients: Everything in doc’s high brix gear (Foliar, amendments, root drenches and leaf wash) and nothing else.
Tools: 5 gal bucket, measuring cup, scissors, microscope, and a small bottle sprayer / pump sprayer.





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Nov 8th pics

Havn't started the drenches yet, and they had a drink of plan ro water. They probably will be due for a drench in a little while after they are topped.



Have a great Friday and weekend !


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Sup every one,

Sorry about my absence and lack of journal updates. Lately I have been super busy and had almost zero computer time. I want to wish every one a Merry Christmas + New Years, stay safe and have fun.

Here’s a updates of my plants.

One plant want removed because it was a male and had a very fast development of pollen sacs. I think one of the sac might have burst before it was discovered and eliminated. I am hoping my garden is okay…. We’ll see.

Male plant looked amazing though.

As of today, I’m still waiting for the to show their sex. There’s probably one or two plants showing signs of female and the others are showing nothing. I hope to see more females soon before the flip to flower.
20191105_005951 - Copy.jpg






Yesterday (12/23) was the day I decided that it was time for a transplant day.



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Plant of the Month, Jan 2020
Howdy Limp, Ween & Friends :headbanger:

Oh wow man your garden always looks so nice. The plants are beautiful. Good on ya getting the male out of there. Try to be on them until u have your ladies all setup. I like your 1 Gal pots a lot. I wish I didn’t grow in tents I would try those. Pot shapes make a big difference on the plants shape. I see your pots are taller then they are wide. My 1Gals are more stout and fat. Which makes my plants more bushy and low. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pure Sativa etc. I don’t have the headroom or I would try and grow some taller plants. I find they yield better having a taller bushy plant.

Roots look perfectly bound for the upcan. Nice call! More drainage holes never hurt too! looking forward to this next run. I always like to see Dynasty gear and docs kit paired up like Shiggity used too do so well.

Wishing you a very Merry Xmas Limp & Gang. Cheers guys :48:


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Hi Wrenn and Ween, Merry Christmas and happy new years to both of you!

Thank you, me too I'm really liking the plants in 1 gallon's and how they are doing with the wet/dry cycles. Im with ya i prefer short and bushy kind of plants rather than tall one's. Also i wish i had tall room too! It sucks having only 5 ft of vertical space, but what i have now is better than not growing at all lol. I agree with you about having a taller/bushier plants :)

Reason why these plants seem taller than last run is because i did not follow the quadlineing procedure down to the T. I did it really late and i liked the idea of having a little more open space between the potting and canopy. Makes it easier for me working on the plants when they are at chest/eye level while sitting on a stool. Plus watering with a garden hose is easier now than watering those plants that are really short and close to the soil.

I am glad you enjoy seeing dynasty's gear and you'll get to see more of their strains in my garden. At the moment, i do not have more strains from dynasty and would love to have more, especially the strain called moose n lobsta . I'm a Mainer and I must have to try that strain! lol. Next run will be a pleasant surprise and i think there might be some chemdog and diesel strains , not sure yet. We'll have to wait and see what i get when I get the package of seeds. After that run, i might will have some moose n lobsta seeds and other dynasty seeds to try out. :48:


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Plants update:

They are coming along really good and showed little to no stress from the transplant into the bigger potting. Yesterday they had their brix spray and i might give them a thorough watering this weekend with 1/4 strength of tp++tea.

After the plants had their foliar, I cleaned up the plants and made them ready for their explosion of new growth. While doing the pruning, i figured it couldnt hurt to try doing some clones and i remembered i had some old stuff laying around that i could use. It's been so long since i've done any cloning or seen someone do it because i'm just a seeds kinda guy, i like poppin some seeds! haha. So i gave it a shot and we'll see how they do in a few weeks to a month. Maybe it's a fail or a success cloning adventure :)

Anyways here is some photos













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Final shot of how they sit.






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Thank you Ween! How's your weekend going?

I'm not sure what the game plan is, just winging it and going with the flow. The clones are from each plants and i'm hoping for the two unkown plants to be females. If they end up being males, i'll eliminate them along with their clones. That'll put me down to three female plants again. I would like to have a few more plants in the room and we know that's not happening with planting new seeds. i was thinking the clones probably has a chance to get large enough to finish in small pottings when the bigger plants are ready for bloom. Maybe a friend will want them or who knows.... maybe all of the clones will not survive lol


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Holy smokes... Am i seeing roots already or what?



Saw these pearly whites when the plants was getting 1/4 strength tp+tea. This is Crazy! It has been approximately a week since the transplant into large potting and there is some roots seen sticking out at the bottom of the pot!

They are gonna explode soon enough when they get their next drench of growth with tea. :blunt: :slide:

Strain: Blue coffin


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Happy New Years my 420 family!

Hey @Duggan is there anything i should do to tweak/change in the room?
For their next drench, i want to give them a strong drench of growth. Would you recommend it?

Thinking they might be ready for the flip sometime in the middle of Jan maybe closer to the end of the month We'll see.

I absolutely cannot wait for super silver blue magoo to show itself during flower. My mouth is watering after seeing budshots of them and now i cant wait to how it is after harvest. :)



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Hi fam, every body's garden is lookin great and I'm vicariously living through everyone's journal :) I kind of wish some of you lived close so i could try your strains lol

There are is a couple of bad news but not terrible by any means.
The clones didn't take and they started to wilt pretty bad. A friend wanted them and i let him take em. I was thinking maybe he can get them going. If not... then oh well, I've got some new acquired seeds and I'm super excited to grow some chem D and sour diesel crosses. The second bad news is that there's two plants in the room which i believe is a male. I took a few pics of the plants, to share. I was not 100% sure since i didn't see any pollen sacs or white little hair sticking out.... they just kinda look like a claw. After looking around online, some said just wait it out a bit to see if the sac or white hair shows up and some said it's a definate male. so i pulled them two aside in the corner for now and re-organized the remainder three plants under the lights.

The best part is that I have one female from each of the three strains! That means I had 100% germination rate and half of them were a female/male. That's pretty much the same situation I had from the previous run. So what I'm thinking for the next batch is to plant more seeds - hope for more females and phenotype.






Saw some roots sticking out pretty far ! o.0 weird lol




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Plant updates: Since i didn't hear back from Duggan, I decided to give the plants double strength of growth drench + tea over the past weekend and now they are just about due for foliage feed when they wake up today. Here's how they are looking right at this moment.









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Ty ween : )

I hope they are females that way i have two pheno type of plants. I'm feeling posititve they are males and i'll let them stay untill it's a for sure thing by showing pollen sacs.
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