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Hey you, welcome to my grow journal and I hope you enjoy the read filled with some eye candy.

What we have going on here is my second official journal consisting dynasty seeds in doc’s high brix soil mix. Feel free to jump in any time and I like it when people share knowledge, experience, advices and help each other grow better products. This second run is for @Duggan and I’m going to make him proud by not using a scrogg screen set up :yahoo: . :slide:

On Oct 6th there was total of six regular seeds planted in first run soil mix inside of 1 gallon plastic containers. Seeds was not pre-soaked or placed in wet paper towel, just straight into the soil. So far six out of six seeds broke the soil and they have been reaching for the lights. Pretty soon they will be topped and probably will finish in 10 or 15 gallon depending on how many are female/male. It would be pretty sick if all six were female and that would be 100% success rate!

List of strains:

Bluniverse (Blue Magoo x Ms.Universe)
Super Silver Blue Mago (Blue Magoo x Super Silver Haze)
Blue Coffin (The cough x Blue Heron)

Space: Approx 10x9x7.5
Lights: 1000w MH / HPS
Veg Time (18/6): Guessing approx. 2-3 months
Flower time (12/12): Approx. 9 weeks
Water source: RO water
Nutrients: Everything in doc’s high brix gear (Foliar, amendments, root drenches and leaf wash) and nothing else.
Tools: 5 gal bucket, measuring cup, scissors, microscope, and a small bottle sprayer / pump sprayer.





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Nov 8th pics

Havn't started the drenches yet, and they had a drink of plan ro water. They probably will be due for a drench in a little while after they are topped.



Have a great Friday and weekend !
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