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That’s the one I followed. I logged in, opened my journal in progress, clicked the url and copied it. Then I went to Dirty Ernie and opened the account and clicked signature. Pasted in the url (it appeared), clicked in the text box, typed in my text. Then I clicked insert, then I clicked save. So now, if I click on the link in my signature, it takes me to Journals in progress home page, but not directly to my specific journal. PS this is on my iPad, maybe I should do it on my Mac?

Blew Hiller

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I think you might have just copied the wrong link...happens


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If someone tries and fails even after doing their best to follow the how-to, they can generally ask for help in one of the forums that they're already active in. Someone should - and usually will - be able to put together a simple one-link .SIG for the member (the text they wish to have displayed plus the actual link), and then all they have to do is copy and paste it in their "edit signature" box and click on the "save" button.

Ever so slightly "technical" statement, but our "CODE" BBTags facilitate that, because anything placed within them will not be parsed by the form software, it'll appear exactly as typed, instead.

Members helping members and all that.
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