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LionoFJudah27's Random Bag Seed Grow!


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Hello All!! :welcome: It has been awhile, and I sort of just disappeared:63: but thats what happens when life shits on ya haha....... Anywho I have made some significant upgrades to my grow equipment, I.E. instead of growing in a closet I opted to buy a 2x2x5 growtent. As for the specifics here they are:

What strain is it?
Random Bagseed
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Have no clue as they are Random
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
"They" are in Veg
If in Veg... For how long?
2 days since they broke the soil
Indoor or outdoor?
Indoor(secret jardin ds60)
Soil or Hydro?
If soil... what is in your mix?
It is foxfarm ocean forest
If soil... What size pot?
A couple in dixie cups and a couple in 1 gallon pots
Size of light?
T12 dual bulb fixture (both 20watts each) for Veg/ 150watt HPS for flower
Is it aircooled?
Yes, the 150 watt HPS is aircooled in a DIY cool tube made out of a Bake-a-round.
Temp of Room/cab?
Steady at 75F with a low of 72F
Humidity of Room/cab?
56% with a low of 54%
PH of media or res?
7.0 due to dolomite lime in soil mix.
Any Pests ?
I think I saw a gnat the other day lol so maybe?
How often are you watering?
Only when cups/pots dry out
Type and strength of ferts used?
Haven't begun using nutes yet, But I plan on using "Maxi-Bloom" Dry nutes in the lucas formula of 7 grams per gallon. Or I might just wing it based on how the plants react.




I had alot of trouble this go around with seed germination :hmmmm: i'm thing this may be due to me using bageeds. My friend gave me an entire pill bottle filled with random seeds that he collected from bagseeds over the years, so i have no idea of how old these seeds are lol :laugh2: So out of roughly 30 seeds only 5 germed! That only 16.66%! :63: But ah well...... what ya gonna do? Well thanks for lookig guys!!! and I will be updating regularly o feel free to comment or give advice/suggestions!:Namaste:


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Hello again folks, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday:;):. Over the last 24 hours there have been some changes in the grow tent. For starters I ended up with seven sprouts instead of 4 like I had planned:hmmmm:, but thats okay I figured that I would take the two strongest an put them into 1 gal. pots and grow the other 5 in solo cups.It happened this way cuz I was having terrible success germing these really old bagseed, and I planted 3 to a cup turns out some were just late bloomers I guess:rolleyes3. Here are some pics of the changes:


It appears that #1(haha i chose numbers as a simple sysyem:9:) and #7 are the fastest growing ones, i'll have to keep an eye on them as this old T12 fixture isn't the greatest source of light.



Well once again thanks for stopping by!!! I'll continue to keep ya updated:hippy:


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Looking good Liono, Subbed.
You never know, you might get some more late bloomers still to sprout.
Good luck with your grow.;)


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9/3/14 Update:

So after tracking the sprouts growth for their first 3 days I have come to realize that the T12 is an OBSOLETE light.:17:
I have noticed, through experience that they slow vegetative growth down drastically. I have decided to use my 150 Watt HPS to VEG and Flower. I know this is a somewhat debated subject, so I am open to suggestions everyone!!! Lay 'Em on me! :laugh: I have also Learned that my 171 CFM 4'' fan is adequate to exhaust heat from my DIY cooltube, while creating a passive intake.

So I have a air cooled light, and a passive air intake which is sweet!
So I'm happy I manged to make exhaust/intake dilemma work with out the use of two fans:439:

Any suggestions or feedback totally welcome!!! Positive Vibrations all!:hippy:


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After 1 day vegging in the 150 watt hps, I had to prop #1 & #7, because of their stretch under the old T12. The speed of their growth increased dramatically!!!:11: What was I thinking using that T12??:29:

Just an innteresting bit of info from the Tent that I thought I woul share with ya guys. Positive vibrations all!:hippy:


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Hello all, Over the last few days of being under the HPS I have hit some hurdles.:24: I think my hps may be burning my plants? In terms of light intensity at 5' from them. So I moved the light another 5' up in hopes of a quick remedy. Here are some pics for anyone willing to help me:




Maybe I am way off base here, but am I crazy to believe its the hps? Well all in all out of 7 plants 3 of them are unaffected by this so I am planning on transplanting 2 of those into 1 gal pots tomorrow at their 1 week mark. They will remain there until the end of flower. Well thanks for looking guys any help will be much appreciated!!!!:hippy:


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Looks like the wilting may be heat stress as you mentioned. What are your room temps, humidity etc? Have you feed them nutrients yet? what strength? They should recover, but we gotta figure out whats causing the probs.
Good luck.


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I don't have experience with using it for cloning or seedlings, but my 150HPS gives off enough heat that will burn anything directly under it or 5 inches under it. I will use a couple 23W cfl for seedlings, little heat great lumens close up. I've used CFL for clones also and it seems to work great.


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@ stealth grow thanks for the reply man, my room temps are constant at 75-77 degrees usually with a high of around 81. My humidity is 35-40%

I have moved the light up another couple inches so right now it is sitting at 12" from plants, I have not fed them anything as today is their first week mark. Should I feed them now? They are in 16 oz cups maybe 1/4 dose.


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@ stealth grow thanks for the reply man, my room temps are constant at 75-77 degrees usually with a high of around 81. My humidity is 35-40%

I have moved the light up another couple inches so right now it is sitting at 12" from plants, I have not fed them anything as today is their first week mark. Should I feed them now? They are in 16 oz cups maybe 1/4 dose.

Hi Liono, Your room temps are great, that's for sure not the issue. I grow with LED's so not 100% sure about this advise but.... When I put my LED light really close to my seedlings during my first grow the plants got light stress cause they were so young. I moved my light to about 24 inches away from them and they recovered well. The wilted leaves never fully healed, but all new growth was fine. I assume your having the same issue pretty much, just a different light source.
You've already moved up the light so you should be good, but you might wanna consider a little more than 12 inches above the seedlings.


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Hey all!!! It has been almost two weeks at this ponit:ganjamon:(will be 2 weeks on Sunday). The plants are doing great!!

It would seem as though I have solved my problems I was having early on with the plants.I moved my light 1ft 8in. away from plants seems to be working great. To clarify how things got better here are some pics:


As you can see Bagseed #1 had burns on the lower leaves that I believe was due to the nutrient rich FFOH(fox farm ocean forest). I have heard that it can be a tad bit hot for seedlings, but never experienced any trouble until this current grow:50

I have come across a wierd plant in my grow from bagseed, I don't know if it's gentetics or perhaps just a gnarled plant, but I believe this pic speaks for itself:

See how some leaves are fused together and the odd growth pattern?:lot-o-toke: Any ideas friends?

Her's a shot of all the potential ladies:

I watered the plants in the solo cups as the seem to dry alot quicker than bigger pots, I skipped the 1 gal pots today as they seemed still faintly moist. The solo cups also got a light dose of nutes today! Nute:MaxiGro Ph:7.0 ppm:330.
I use Dolomite lime powder mixed into my soil so my soil Ph is always neutral. I have heard varying opinions on this "soil neutralization", And have decided to test the theory myself, although whether that is a good or bad idea? We shall soon certainly find out.........

Any who Thanks for reading guys!!! I'll continue to keep ya updated ffeel free to comment! Positive Vibrations Friends!:hippy:
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