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Lip Smacker, Gorilla Breath Exotic Genetix & Strawberry Eclair G13 Labs In A 5x5 Tent


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Got 4,5 Lip Smackers, 1,0 Strawberry Eclair and 1,0 Gorilla Breath growing their first leaves in the clone room. Thats still quite boring.

Here are a few of the Double Banana Sherbet taken at the start of day 59 i full daylight. The colors get a lill funky due to the very bright light (think its 3000k spectrum, but dont remember;)):

Overlook of almost the whole plant (some Cookie Ox with darker budsites at bottom right:


Flat angle


Some bud sites


Some purple stuff going on with the leaves that loose green color by the day


The biggest buds are getting bulky


Fed with plain water (and some Canna Flush) since day 56. EC 0,1 and ph 6,0 on run off water.

Smells like some fuel and some fruits in a bit sour and sweet way. Not very intense, but I like it and recognize it from my previous growth of this strain. Hope its the same pheno as the smoke on that one was dank:):)


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The Sherbet look great in my book, but in beauty it comes way short to the Cookie Ox.

The colors get a little messed up and both plants are less bright, by now mostly more pale green than on the pics. The bright light green/yellow spots on the leaves are bleak yellow mostly in real light. The Cox is much darker green than the Sherbet with more purple on leaves and buds.

Here are a few pics of my beautiful Cookie Ox:):):)





#Purpledank :) Its actually more purple, less green and darker in real light. The light green stuff is bleak yellow

Smells earthy or kushy with a mild spicy touch to it on a solid base of some sweet vanilla bakery funk stuff. It quite subtle and classy and well just smells as great as it looks!:):)


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I'm loving the colors in there :) Beautiful!
Indeed it is beautiful, my friend:

Have ordered a dimmer for my light for use in veg, but it will make me be able to take pics with better colors as well

The Sherb is light kind of olive green with amber/orange and light lime colored treads and the buds are all coated in something that looks like floating sticky gooey with snow in it. Some purple on the leaves, but the buds are all green. Lighter green leaves than the cookie ox. The buds are a bit fatter and more bulky than on the cookie ox. Great plant and it looks like a high yield. However, the cookie ox outshines the Sherb and most other plants. Dark, forrest green, purple and white. Its a stunner:)


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What did I just walk into?

Olive green weed?

:19: :19:

You guys are cracking me up!

I’m loving the pictures. :drool:

It is, LOL! Im s... at explaing colors though!

A bit like the colors attached as a pic I would guess. I grew the Double Banana Sherbet with two phenos of Rugburn OG my last growth and the Sherb was like kind of light olive green with orange hairs that time as well.

I have seen buds described as Limegreen quite a few times and compared to what limegreen looks like, my sherb look like the green color on the olives you buy in jars. That is what I call olive green weed, my friend. Come on and board the Olivegreen train. All the cool kids do it!:)


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Today I get a little artistic and present to you some Autumn colors:)



I playing September of my years with Frank Sinatra in the background right now. Its kind of sad, but beautiful;)


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Cool!!! Got the dimmer to the light and got some better pics in less bright light:):)


Cookie Ox in authum colors


Cookie Ox nugs


Close up


Enter the world of the Cookie Ox;)


Green, purple, white and yellow - The beautiful world of the Cookie Ox

Taken at start of day 61 - 3 to 5 days to go:):):)


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I don’t care if the weed is brown, if it gets me high! I’ll smoke it! :laugh:
Nice pictures! I like the autumn colours!

I do hope and believe that this growth should be of sufficient quality to get most seasoned smokers stoned as f...;)


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15,8 C in my tent right now, two hours before lights on day 62. Will try to get some hours at around the same temps every night of the remaining 3 or 4 days to really bring out colors:)


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Had a quick check in the microscope at the start of day 62 and it is basically ready to harvest, actually both of them. Did expect the Double Banana Sherbet to take a few days more, but it is almost a day ahead of the Cookie Ox or so. Its probably a Sour Banana Sherbet leaning pheno as that strain is listed with 60-65 days in flowers.

I will let em go two more days and harvest at day 64. Lights will be on for 8 hours the last two days and daytemp is lowered from 29,0 to below 25. Night temp will be as low as possible down to 14C. Will also try to get humidity way down to the low 30%.

That will probably finish them old skanks off in a proper way before hung to dry:)


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I continue to overdo the picture part of the tread with a few of the Cookie Ox as it become more beautiful by the hour:)




The last one, taken under bright lights have a bit wrong yellow color. Its more like in the two first taken with flash:)
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