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List of Breeding and Seed Links - Index


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Save the seed - Breeders who preserve and enhance genetics are heroes
Tips on breeding by DJ Short
List of Breeding and Seed Links - Index
New!!! Multi-colored Seeds from the R&D Team at Green House Seed Company
Bubble Gum ? a "seriously" refined classic
Greenhouse Seed Company - Terpene Profiles of Strains (Pictorial)
Marijuana Botany - An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Cannabis
Germination tests @ Green House Seed Co.
Cannabis Genetics Part 1
Cannabis Genetics Part 2
Cannabis Genetics Part 3
How to create amazing new strains with a discerning palate, and careful selection.
Genetics guide!
My Cataloguing System - by DJ Short
Let iT Breed!
What is a flowering clone?
Purple Pot - Tutorial/Pictorial
Inbreeding.....the Skill of the Breeder.....
DJ Short speaking on Breeding
Breeding Better Cannabis
Kali Mist: Still a superior player in the sativa champions league
The return of Ruderalis
Ganja Godesses
Constant testing
Recessive combination
General Irregularities/Anomalies of Cannabis Relating to Transgressive Segregation
Serious Seeds - AK47 - You can't beat the real thing
The Story of The Flying Dutchman
Feminizing Seeds by Soma
Take a tour through a top-secret European breeding facility
On the origins of Blueberry
White Russian - Perfect genetics for the real cannasseur
Serious Seeds - AK47 - You can't beat the real thing
The Story of Serious Seeds
Breeder History
Choosing Seeds
Strains of Yesteryear
Sacred Seeds - Cannabis Crossbreeding Pioneers
Chemovars. How GW Pharmaceuticals grow cannabis for Sativex manufacture
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wheat berry

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might i suggest a few few books that helped me?

Breed your Own Vegetables Varieties - Carol Deppe

Breeding Field Crops - Poehlaman & sleper

Principles of Plant Breeding - Allard

Advances in Hemp Research -Ranalli

Hashish -Clarke

there is so much to read and know ..................the more we talk .....the more we share ideas and move foward......


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I am a new grower, though I am 60 years old. I cannot believe first time luck. I ordered 4 seeds from Bonza and received a fifth free.

Every seed germinated.

The seeds came quickly and very well packaged.

And they have a terrific sense of humor!


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Hope things r well with your seedling/grownups was thinking about seed co's could you recommend any or has Bonza been your only if so did they do as well as u hoped?? JJ
I personally have quit the business. I burned :rip:a bunch of plants and got very frustrated. Especially after the last TWO deliveries from Bonza, not one sprouted!

I went to seedsman.com and not only got a lot more freebies, but every single seed sprouted! 5 fem Afghan Kush, 5 Sweet Cheese.:yahoo:

I was beginning to feel like I had a purple thumb.:thumb:

I gave all those seedlings to someone who has taken them out to their farm and they are living happily and are quite hardy. Two of them are in huge flower.

So, go to Seedsman.com

Best results.

Bonza told me it was my fault, that it was a million to one chance that none of them sprouted. That was a total of 12 seeds that did nothing. over $100 shot down the drain.


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I also had a dud order from bonza germinate with no true leaves just cotyledons they died after they ran out of juice from cotyledons they were supposed to be AK 47 wat a drag


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I ordered seeds from cropkingseeds. I'm waiting to see if I wasted my money or not. I love the look and smell of plants more than smoking
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