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Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
The staff here at 420 Magazine would like to help provide a central platform for all dispensary and co-op owners, to promote their products, knowledge, and message of awareness and canna well-being. This message will be taken to the world.

Please feel free to post menus, specials, images of interest, and feedback particularly on what strains of cannabis work for which illness.

We believe the dispensaries are in the trenches in the war on drugs. At the front line. We here at 420 Magazine join you. Let us help carry your message.


420 Staff
i spoke to his wife yesterday...

he is healing fine and should be online soon to say high to everyone...

i only took him off the staff page until he comes back in full swing, so the members won't send him private messages that will go unanswered...
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