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Litro Grow Bulbs Questions

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Hello All,

I am in the process of setting up a hydro DWC system. After spending time at the local grow shop and ironing out details. They mentioned a new grow lighting system Litro Grow. I can find little information on the net however the pictures he showed me of his grow were quite impressive (no heat and 1 -2 inches off the canopy). Does anyone have first hand info on these and what are your thoughts with the stats provided below. Thanks in advance to such a great community.

Site : Litro Grow | The Safe, Affordable Indoor/Outdoor Growing Alternative To Chemical/Synthetic Fertilizers

Stats :

* Bulb Type: T-8

* Life: 30-35,000 Hours

* Lumens: 2960

* 32 Watt

* 110VAC

* 5000° K Full Spectrum Emittance

* Standard and Custom Sizes and Types

* Non-Radioactive


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I have never heard of them before...But i will give you as much advice as i can. 5000k is not a good color temp for cannabis plants. Believe me lol i am having a problem with that now. I was under the impression i had purchased 6500k CFL bulbs. Being dumb and just assuming, i didnt look until just now to make sure. I was trying to figure out why some of my leaves are starting to have really defined edges and looking like spikey fierce little warrior plants lol. Its because i am not giving them the light rays that they need for proper growth. For vegging you want above 6400k and for flowering, 2700k is about the best. Guys at the hydro shop will try to sell you anything new and expensive lol, your best bet, if budget allows, is to go with a metal halide lamp for vegging, and a high pressure sodium for flowering. Hope i was of some help and good luck!!

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Thanks for you reply,

I will have to ask him about his leaves when I see him shortly. I went in there looking for both MH and HPS lighting among other items to set up a proper grow and these lights came out slightly cheaper then a 1k and alot cheaper on the electric bill in the end plus no heat and in Hawaii no extra heat is wonderful. So he actually down sold along with telling me to stay away from a few tech gadgets lol...I like shinny and scientific.
I know these lights have a few bigger horticulture companies behind them, and a medical Mj foundation (phoenix tears?) hence the research. Maybe start with these for veg then use them as side lighting and switch over to HPS.

I will take a look at the numbers for 5000k and I hope your plants make it out ok.

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Ok, so after using these bulbs for several months now I can fully say I am impressed. The babies are not babies they are 2 foot tall plants that have produced several clones with 100% success rating. Green hands of Aloha has been phenomenal in both support and knowledge base I cant say thank you enough.
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