little help please


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hi all am growin sume white rhino 5 plants hopefully just need sume info.

growin space- 4ft height 3ft width 1.5 length

lights- 125 watt ENVIROLITE 6400k plus 100 watts of cfl for Veg
125 watt ENVIROLITE 2700k plus 200 watt ENVIROLITE for flower will this be fine to use or wll need more lights


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i know from my personal idea of a room in my house that a 4' ceiling would either make you want to veg a shorter period of time and either top the plants or tie the plants off. i might tell you to pull a couple when it switches to flowering to pull 2-3 of them in attempts to bud a few very strong plants instead of 5 weaker ones. Good Luck Man! :peace:
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