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Little Joe from Chicago


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I'm new here and a newby grower.
I just noticed some budrot right where one of your awesome members (or admins) said it would form, on the nicest bud. Since it was an outdoor plant and we've been getting moisture lately, I decided to take it down. I trimmed out the affected area and then some.

Which brings me to why I joined your forum instead of just lurking; the topics are kept on topic, the members provide great support, and there's excellent info on here.

Thanks for starting this forum and keeping it fresh and informative.


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:ciao: ChicagoJoe :welcome: You are correct... friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and best people all in one place... 420! So seat back :nomo: and enjoyself! See you in the forums. :popcorn:


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wow, I must have gotten really lucky, cause this weed is kicking my ass. I had a few bongs of the quick dry and I cannot keep my thoughts straight.
the weed had a lemony smell, kind of a lemony taste (but still overpowered by that green taste), with a spicy finish.
And I keep getting higher and higher.
I must be lucky because I just happened to germ a 1/2 dz seeds a few months ago. 4 went outside, 3 looked the same and eventually showed as males, but this one showed female.
Now I'm no expert, but I've smoked a lot of good weed and some great weed. And this is really kicking my ass.
I clipped it just above the 2nd node and it's vegging with 4 shoots. wooooohoooo

man this took too long too write,
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