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Living in UK and looking for best place to buy quantum board either pre set up or kits

Hi anyone from uk know a good place to buy qb either kits or full set up without paying the earth
Or is better to buy from europe,usa or china ect and waiting for shipping
Thanks in advance

Teddy Edwards

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Please check out our Sponsors.

Many have QB set-ups, and some also have European warehouses. Plus discounts for 420 Magazine members.

And without them, none of us would be here. :)


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Hi Whitehotdog, Mars Hydro TS series are quantum board design, but make some improvements on the board, add the reflector cycle to help with the light output and coverage, you can check out! We also have warehouse in UK, shipping is fast, no custom tax needed. ;)


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Hello Whitehotdog:

We sell boards like you mention and will ship to the UK. We do not use the term "quantum board" though because it is property of HLG.

All our boards feature top bin diodes from Samsung.

Here is a picture of our Red Spec Boards in action. Let us know if you have any questions.

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