LKABudMan Grows A Green Crack Auto In The VIVOSUN Smart Grow System - Sponsored by VIVOSUN


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Happy New Year! I just finished a Fruit Punch Auto in this system and was super happy with how she turned out. I'm going to see if I can do it again and get 2023 off with a bang! This time I'm growing a FastBuds Green Crack Auto, from North Atlantic Seed Company (NASC).

I had a few issues with some equipment last run but that's all worked out. I'm really looking forward to another grow in this system. The more I use it the more I love the @VIVOSUN Smart Grow System. I can customize the light spectrum and intensity, change airflow, and even set and change exhaust parameters from anywhere. I'll be going over the system in more detail throughout this journal.

I'll be trying to spread this plant out in the 32x32 tent again, using HST (topping at the 5th node) and LST (Carhooks FTW). I'll also be using the SIP bucket again, this time with Remo Nutrients.

What am I growing? Fastbuds Green Crack Auto via North Atlantic Seed Company (NASC)
- Sex: Feminized
- Flowering type: Autoflowering
- Suitable for: Indoor & Outdoor
- Effect: Uplifting | Euphoric | Energizing | Creative | Happy | Relaxing
- Taste/Smell: Spicy | Fruity | Floral | Mango
- Genetics: Skunk #1 x Unknown Indica x Ruderalis
- Height: 60-90 cm indoors
- Yield: 350-550 g/m² indoors
- From seed to harvest: 9-10 weeks (63-70 days)
- Genotype: 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
- THC: > 20%
Screenshot 2022-12-29 153018.jpg

Where am I growing? I'll be growing this auto in the 'Playpen', a 32x32x60 tent in my basement. This tent will be equipped with the @VIVOSUN Smart Grow system[Smart Grow System - VIVOSUN], featuring:

- AeroLight - The world’s first 100W LED grow light with an integrated circulatory fan that increases airflow to the canopy, encouraging balanced temperature and humidity that won the Red Dot 2022 design award. The AeroLight is made with 301B Diodes, dimmable driver, sunlike full spectrum, perfect for every stage of growth from seedling to flowering, and it is entirely programmable and adjustable.

- AeroZesh - Ultra powerful automated air flow, the AeroZesh is a PWM controlled EC fan utilizing mixed-flow design to control speeds and create high static pressure, improving performance and reducing noise, fully programmable through the GrowHub, and optimized for controlling temperature and humidity.

- Growhub - The central hub for the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, controls all tent equipment simultaneously, allows you to adjust operation of equipment with simple-to-read interface, Grow Recipes take plants from seed to harvest automatically, can control many devices and is compatible across platforms, easy to install on tent walls with magnetic mounting plate

- VIVOSUN App - Capable of managing multiple grow devices simultaneously, tracks and displays relevant data to help you improve your tent performance, use preprogrammed pro Grow Recipes to program the AeroLight and your ventilation and take you from seed to harvest automatically, or design your own Grow Recipes from scratch, and take your grow on the go.

The system is Fully Automated! The complete Smart Grow System for your grow space—control ventilation, lighting, spectrum, light intensity, on/off periods, and air circulation through the GrowHub and link all of your equipment together so your environment works in unison, monitor your environment from anywhere with the App, automatically respond to changes beyond your parameters, and establish the perfect grow.

What am I growing in?
I'll be growing this auto in soil in a 5g bucket with a GroBucket SIP insert. I have half a bag of FF Happy Frog,so I'll use that. I'll pre-amend the soil with some Dynomyco and Geoflora Veg, but I'll be switching to Remo Nutrients for flower.
- Medium: FFHF soil with GeoFlora & Dynomyco
- Nutrients: Remo Nutrients
- Pot: Start in 4" pot, moving to 5g bucket with SIP insert
- Water: Carbon-filtered well water @ 100ppm/8.1pH

- Temps: 66-72f Central A/C and heat, radiant heater if needed
- Humidity: 40-55% with large dehumidifier

Any other equipment?
- Wyze V3 Camera
- Govee thermometer/hygrometer
- Floor fan for tent circulation
For starting seeds:
- VIVOSUN Heat mat + controller
- EZ-Gro Plugs
- Small grow tray w/ dome

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Thanks for the tag, LKA! I'd be happy to follow another grow in your playpen.

And, Happy New Year to you and your family!
:woohoo: Great start! BOOM!
Welcome SO.
Great opening BudMan! And thanks for the tag.

You cover everything there is to cover! :Rasta:
Thanks GDB, count on me to be thorough ;)
Still room for me over here, and thanks for the invitation!
Always room for you Mel.
Thanks for the invite @LKABudMan

You have come a long way, and I like it.
I will be following along, so I can watch you knock this one out of the park.

Stay safe and grow well my friend,
Thanks Tok, I was thinking today that I'm coming up on the anniversary of my first harvest. Hard to believe that was only a year ago.
Hey Chuck:smokin:
Thanks for the tag, LKA! I'd be happy to follow another grow in your playpen.

And, Happy New Year to you and your family!
Thanks HG, Happy New Year to you and yours as well.
This is going to be good. Thank you for the tagin. :passitleft::ciao:
Welcome WG.
More about FastBuds Green Crack Auto (North Atlantic Seed Company)
Screenshot 2022-12-29 153018.jpg

Green Crack is like a turbocharged mango-flavored energy drink. It’s a variety of marijuana that will offer you a rush of pure fruity adrenaline. It’s quality weed that’s received rave reviews from our expert test growers, and offers easy growth, energetic buzz, and an exquisite fruity flavor.

We take great pride in these Green Crack seeds in particular, as they fulfill our mission to bring renowned US strains to the world at large. After years in America, our Green Crack strain is ready to take on the world.

How It Grows
Green Crack seeds produce a sativa / indica hybrid with some an Afghan genetic backbone. The remaining lineage comes from two lines of Skunk #1 with Fast Buds autoflower genetics rounding out the package. It is a strong, bold plant. As with all our products, it is an easy grow and adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. An autoflowering hybrid that packs a punch with 20% THC, making her well suited for fans of potency. Easy to grow and maintain from start to finish, needing only 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, where she will yield huge amounts of high-quality bud. Her pleasant and uplifting effects combined with her smooth tropical mango flavor make this strain a favorite for many. With copious amounts of resin that produce potent and tasty top shelf extractions, this strain is great for novice and expert growers alike, in search of great flavors and mass production.

Reaching around 60-90cm and growing with a bushy and dense characteristic, she won’t stretch much and will fill out each internode with thick, frosted buds that become totally pearl white by the end of flowering. There will be a large number of side branches surrounding one main central cola, that grow similar to a Christmas tree shape. Her fat buds are heavily coated in trichomes that will develop with tightly compact calyxes wrapped in electric orange pistils, making Green Crack Auto easy to trim and a very impressive and super frosty hybrid. The Green Crack yield reaches a whopping 650 g/m2 (1.4 pounds per light). The colas are enormous, with dense buds typically associated with indica strains, and the amount of flower it packs onto each bud site will shock you.

Thanks to her uniform and homogeneous characteristics, we recommend growing Green Crack Auto closely together in a SOG style, to really maximize your grow space. She can take a big feed and will keep asking for more, so be prepared to increase the E.C of your nutrient solution when growing her indoors or outdoors. She shouldn’t exceed higher than 100cm, so can be easily grown outdoors with discretion, especially if you tie her down during her first weeks of growth. Staking the side branches for support will help the plants from toppling over. Be warned she is a monster producer and grows thick and fast.

Bud description
Green Crack Auto will produce buds that are long, pointed, and thoroughly encrusted in trichomes. The flowers are a light green hue, covered in thick short hairs that wrap themselves around each calyx. Extra sticky and with an elongated hard to squeeze appearance.

Smoke report
Energetic, invigorating, and stimulating effects, that become extremely focused and euphoric. An excellent strain for keeping sharp, and getting through a busy day or a to-do list, and boosting creativity to another level. This lady has a feel-good factor that is the ultimate pick-me-up and ideal for social scenarios, long walks in nature, gaming, musicians, and anyone else who enjoys a cerebral boost with added focus and energy.

An infusion of spicy fruity, floral, and fresh mango. A proper lip-licking aftertaste that is only emphasized on the exhale. A real delightful and tasteful experience that will have you coming back to the curing jars for more.

- Sex: Feminized
- Flowering type: Autoflowering
- Suitable for: Indoor & Outdoor
- Effect: Uplifting | Euphoric | Energizing | Creative | Happy | Relaxing
- Taste/Smell: Spicy | Fruity | Floral | Mango
- Genetics: Skunk #1 x Unknown Indica x Ruderalis
- Height: 60-90 cm indoors
- Yield: 350-550 g/m² indoors
- From seed to harvest: 9-10 weeks (63-70 days)
- Genotype: 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
- THC: > 20%
Happy new year !! I’ve never tried anything from FastBuds but ima sucker for Green Crack and that looks like a fine specimen in the picture! Have a feeling this is gonna be an awesome grow, Lkabudman! Glad to be here
Happy new year and welcome. I love mango and Sativas :yummy:
Another SIP grow? You know I'm in.

Looks like all the good seats up front are taken so I'll sit over here by the snacks. :popcorn:
Glad to see you here AZ, and congrats on the MOTM win!
Hey BudMan do you know if that system works with any other brand of light 💡. Thanks CL🍀
Yes, the GrowHub works with other brands of lights. If it has an RJ-11 port the GrowHub can probably control it!
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