Lonely night


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i dont want to be alone tonight.
i want to make you my delight.
i want to feel arms around me,
why do i feel so lonley?
i dont want to pretend im ok being alone.
i dont want a relationship to be on the phone.
i look outside and gaze at a star.
why does happiness seem so far?
all the good guys taken, or i seem to chase away.
why does no one stay?
6 years alone, 6 years lost.
chased them away at all costs.
i wanna close my eyes and feel somone there,
i wanna talk i wanna share,
my life with someone who cares,
but no one dares.
i wanna find all your perfections,
there will be no rejections.
i want you to be my friend,
ill never make you feel you have something to defend.
i wanna see you smile, i wanna hear you fart,
lets go the club and shoot a dart.
lets curl up in bed with nothing to say,
lets close our eyes, in sleep we can play.
i just wanna go to sleep in someones arms.
and not wake to hear my alarm.
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