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Lonestar's Lemon Walker RDWC Grow Journal 2017


Grow Journal of the Month: Oct 2017
Those nugs look tasty!!

Congrats on the great harvest!

P.S. Sweet RADDWC, once you add the Dewey Misters. ;)


I'll be building a similar 4 site system once I get more space.


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Thanks Vex! Still haven't weighed everything I but I believe I will exceed my goal of 4 oz.
Got an email from timber, my lights should be here right at the beginning of September! Right in time for the beginning of the buds really starting to build, hope it helps!


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Yea thanks a lot for asking SD, have a couple friends on the coast that lost quite a bit, but they are safe. Going to be quite a recovery down there. Thankfully I'm far from it. Come hang with us on the new journal, will probably wrap this one up as soon as I get a final dry weight, coming soon!


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And here's the proof...

Well this wraps this journal up, I thank y'all for tagging along on my first of many grow adventures! Come jump over onto my next journal, sip some sweet tea and light one up with me as we watch the new girls become lovely ladies!


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Great read! Anything worth reporting on the FIM'd plant vs the Topped? Slow and low vs regular cure? Any lessons learned you'd care to share? This was just a great time and I enjoyed everyone contributing. Leaned a lot thank you!


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Hey Cheese thanks! I will say that although they were definitely two different phenotypes of the same strain, the one that I topped produce a significantly less amount than the one that I FIM'd. Could've been the training, could've been genes. All of the buds eventually got thrown into jars, some mixed with regular drying vs low and slow, So it will be hard to differentiate between ALL the buds that were dried normal versus the buds dried low and slow, I just know my larger colas were all dried low and slow, so maybe I'll use them as examples whenever I finally do an official smoke report. I have smoked quite a bit but I want that cure to be official before I give it any kind of real judgment. Taste still isn't all there yet. The high is definitely very clear and can help you get the day started! Patience. Be very patient. Especially during the last few weeks of flowering. Just let them develop and do their thing, and just keep an eye on trichome development, it will tell you all you need to know.


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Two years later and some rookie grower is looking into dwc and stumbles across this journal and specifically this post.... just wanted to take a minute and thank you for it

This is his exact response...

"You add it to nutes and water it in with soil or coco based plants. The fungi, bacteria and I think nematodes colonize the root zone and benefit the roots. But the point is that it's meant for a drier, more stable environment than DWC.

Some people do successfully use it in DWC and you'll see all sorts of posts about it. What you won't see so much of are the grows where it all went wrong - people tend not to share their failures too much...

It CAN be used but you really have to have EVERYTHING dialed and and know your shit to really be able to monitor everything.

I grow RDWC and learned some very expensive lessons on all of this and I offer advice so maybe others don't have to.

But read through the label on it and you won't see DWC application instructions on it.

You have to weed through what everyone tells you - me included. There's so much misinformation out there that everyone swears by. You have to learn enough to be able to reason through what's actually real science.

Even grow shops - don't take their word as gospel. Each employee heir their particular set of skills, or maybe not, their own opinions and preferences - and then the upsell. They often want to just sell you more shit and you have to be able to cut through it all. You'll have one person swear by a set of products and instructions, and another tell you something different.

Go to the manufacturers web sites for each product before you buy it and learn what it's actual application is and specific instructions for using it in DWC.

It's a lot work on the front end but it will save you a ton in the back end and maybe prevent a crop failure. Root rot is very difficult to get rid of once it sets in."


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Oh jeez y'all are making me blush [emoji5] I just hope she produces!! This might be my first attempt, but I look forward to this becoming more than a hobby, and hopefully a full time trade some day, definitely do not want to weld for the rest of my career [emoji1304] and why retire if you do something you ❤️
Crazy reading this and having this dream in mind. I am a Pipefitters by trade and always said that growing will
Be my ticket out lol I am riding your journal to learn as mucha as possible and try my hand at RDWC for first time
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