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Long Grain Brown Rice?


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I ended up... Well, anyway, I can't go to the grocery store right now, so I've been eating what I had on hand, like you do. So Monday I broke down and went to the local food pantry, it's a thing run by a Church, so you get to go in once each month if you need to and get a few groceries, and they don't charge you - but it's not like going shopping, lol; you get what they give you (unless you have a food allergy, then they try to work with you so you still get something). And it turns out that that the smart people go as close to the beginning of the month as possible because it's not exactly overstocked, if you know what I mean.

But they were still able to give me something. I walked out of there with some canned corn, a couple little cans of meat spread stuff, Spam brand I think, one of deviled ham spread, a premade "salad greens thing, a can of precooked chicken (ate that Monday & Tuesday and the salad yesterday but I still have everything else), three cans of some kind of diet cola, a small container of maple syrup flavored pancake topping (it's pretty runny, so I doubt it's real maple syrup, but I tasted it and it's kind of sweet and probably has calories in it), and a big two-pound sack of long grain brown rice.

Which is great, because I didn't have any of that when I went in. But I've never cooked that rice before. I'm sure there are directions if the back of the bag, but I can't find my magnifying glass to read it. Now I'm sure I could do a web search for the stuff and find lots of recipes that have long grain brown rice as one of the ingredients. But that isn't what I'm looking for - and I'm not particularly interested in reading about food I don't have right now.

I just need to know what I have to do to the stuff in order to eat it. I assume put some in a bowl, pour some water on it, and heat it up in the microwave. But do I have to let it... IDK soak for a certain amount of time first so it'll swell up and be easy to chew or will the heating up take care of all that? Is just enough water to cover the ride enough? If it'll work with less that wouldn't hurt my feelings any.

Also, it would be really helpful if I can use the water from the can of corn for the rice water (I never thought to save the water the chicken came in, and drank it like soup broth Tuesday night... It was good and probably would have been great for making the rice taste like something, lol). So can I do that?

And I don't really have anything to add to the rice like butter or anything but I do have some salt. So do I need to add salt before I stick it in the microwave? I mean so it'll cook right, not because I want salty rice. I was thinking I could try pouring a little of the maple flavored pancake stuff in for flavoring, but don't know if that would be a good idea or a bad one; I have to eat it regardless, so I'm a little nervous.

Thanks in advance for directions/tips!


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Can’t help you re the microwave. But for regular stovetop brown rice - the basic formula is 2 cups water to one of rice. Heat to boil, the crank it down to simmer, then to the lowest setting once all the water has been taken up, to avoid burning Stir occasionally. Unlike with white rice the lid can be removed without affecting the texture too much.

Add salt in the beginning, and some butter adds a little goodness as well.

It takes a about 45 minutes to cook brown rice - maybe a little longer.


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Thank you.

I double checked and definitely no butter or margarine, but have salt. I also have two pieces of American sliced cheese, the yellow stuff (generic "Kraft type" sandwich cheese) and no bread, so I could throw that in there.

Man, that's a lot of water. I knew ride absorbed it, but not too quite that extent. So it'd be okay to use the "corn juice" (water from a can of corn) for part of that two cups, you think?

I was really hoping I could fix it in the microwave, but I think I still have an electric hotplate up in the attic somewhere if the ex- didn't decide back in 2000 that I might one day find a use for it.

Anyone have a prediction about whether the maple syrup flavored stuff would make the brown rice taste good? It's alright I guess, not like the real deal, but like maybe there might have been a picture of a tree in the factory where they manufactured it, lol. Probably closer to Maple syrup than that horrible powdered garbage is to half-and-half.

All input appreciated! Especial microwave advice.

Thanks again, WC.


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Yeh man the water from the corn will be fine in the rice, not to sure about how to microwave it though. Try a little with two to one water and see how it comes out. Melt some of that cheese on it when done.


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Ah, I've heard of maple bacon donuts, lol, do I thought maybe... IDK. I've eaten plain white rice before and the experience was about like eating paper, only not as enjoyable and with less flavor. The only brown ride thing I can remember was some kind of little microwavable single serving thing a year or two ago and it wasn't nearly as good as the plain white stuff because, well... the single serving cup had a flavor (and those sneaky sellers didn't call it "Tastes Worse Than You'd Guess Feces from a Carrion-Eater Would Taste Like." But or was some kind of generic brand add water and stir in contents of flavor packet crap, so I'm hoping that's not representative. It doesn't really matter one way or the other, I guess. It's supposed to be nutritious, it'll fill a hole, it's what I have, and I can't imagine my cat being able to live on it because there's no meat in it. You can eat pretty much anything when all that applies, lol. I was just thinking of how to... Well, you know. It doesn't matter.

Uh, about how much salt for hmm. No measuring cup. Say approximately half of a half-liter water bottle of rice and the entire bottle of water? I probably won't open the can of corn until tomorrow, so I'll just be using regular water the first time I make it. A pinch? A spork full? In between?

Water goes in at room temperature?

Wait a minute - WASH the rice?! Can I skip that? It's still in the bag, and I plan to pick through it as I'm filling up whatever I end up measuring it out with to make sure there are no big bugs in it (I remember learning about those flour sifting things when I was a kid). I won't be able to see anything tiny, but I'd there are any of those I figure they'll get safely cooked, so probably harmless. Plus... Protein, yeah?


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I wish I had an onion left. Anything tastes good if you add enough raw onion to it - because it tastes like onion.

Might be a mildly to moderately hot pepper left (nothing hotter than an orange habenero). Might even be some kind of mild one, too, o haven't been out to check the pants for end of season "stragglers' in a while. Was thinking I left a couple on the plants at that time. I didn't have and bug dust this year and the plants were pretty disgusting looking so the peppers might be eaten from the inside out for all I know. I'll have to check today or tomorrow.

And thanks, everyone. I hate the thought of screwing up foot.


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I'm sure the maple syrup stuff wouldn't do much for the rice. But yeah wash rice, put into a pot. Pour water until it's two knuckles above the rice. Stick your finger in. Bring to a boil. Cover and turn heat down to a simmer . 15 min and turn heat off. Bob's your aunty.

This one is for white rice.

Brown rice- more water and more time.


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Found this on the Internet. Video says 3 cups water to 1 cup rice.

“The technique to microwave brown rice is different than cooking white rice in the microwave, as you have to take in consideration the extra layers of bran and germ to cook through. To microwave brown rice, first cook uncovered at 100% power for 10 minutes. Then, cover, cook 50% power for 20 minutes.”

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