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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Hello growing community. It's nice to look across this forum and see a vast array of people, all slightly varying in their different goals and skill levels. Perhaps I've come to the right place to learn. Well, this potchimp hasn't been doing much with the old noggin for many decades (besides using it to crack open coconuts), and I'm seeing mad skills here. Wow.....
I know that I'm going to have to do a lot more reading than just marijuana grow books here. But what the hey, I've got my multiple grow chambers designed, a sealed "NOT FOR SMOKING!!!!!" experimentation room with multiple shelves (all light sealed to induce short term flowering) that will hold 12 generations of test groups of 12, my homemade hazmat box (made from an old sand blasting cabinet and sealed airtight) for my colchicine experiments, plenty of biohazard containers for the dangerous waste materials, some mega-gro to practice hormonal control (feminizing seeds, for one), and some grafting wax and grafting tape to get a little weird with it, so I'm ready to have a go at it. No telling what else I will need later.
I see I'm going to have to read a little about reverse genetics. I can't find a pure strain of 100% Ruderalis anywhere, so it looks like I'm going to have to "weed" out the Indica/Sativa from an autoflowering hybrid to get some seeds. I need a pure strain of all three species, preferably as close to natural (before mankind came along) to start with.
This should be pretty interesting..... :peace: , everybody!

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You can find pure strain of 100% Ruderalis, you haft to search and word it right,
I just did, hell 7 or 9 different strain of Auto's... :thumb:
Here is my last plant it is a Grapefruit Diesel
enjoy your stay...:peace2:


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