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long time smoker, 1st time poster


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ive been smokin for as long as i can remember, and ive been all through the internet and forums, just never joined one. just wanted to say wassup to everyone.....

m x m


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WELCOME and enjoy


Three Canadians face life imprisonment in a US federal prison simply for political activities in Canada to legalize marijuana around the world. I've been a digger for 2 years now, and I see many stories that WE(diggers) have actually made a difference with.So, I am asking for the same help from you guys for these 3 people, Please guys we need you.

Digg - Help keep the BC3 free please, Diggers


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whats goin on every1 just joined thought id say whats up 25 yrs old and got 13 yrs under my belt just realized ive been smokin over half my life sweeet!!!:bong: :allgood:
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