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long time smoker, first time grower...

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hi everyone. just wanted to introduce myself. been lurking for a week or two, mostly in the growers' forums. i definitely want to thank everyone who participates there. i'm trying to learn all i can about cultivation with the goal of completing my first indoor hydroponics grow. reading roseman's Deep Water Culture tutorial, along with the countless grow journals here, has convinced me that now is as good a time as any to put what i've learned into practice and make it happen. follow my soon-to-be-created grow journal and let me know what you think!

besides growing marijuana, other interests include web development, MMA (as a spectator =), and traveling. i'm in my 30s and live on planet earth (which is lovely this time of year).

looking forward to meeting everyone. thanks again for making this such an active and great community to be a part of..
Glad your here.
:welcome: to 420 geeklife.

I have seen many New Growers follow that tutorial and have very successful Grow.
Great Example here,
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Roseman and the Deep Water Culture are all very helpful.

If you may have any questions about the 420 Community, Please ask.
Will be looking forward to your up-coming Journal, :popcorn: Thanks for that Friend.
See you around and Happy Growin' :peace:
Hi geeklife, Growing your own is the only way to go. :thumb:
:welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
:thanks: for joining. It's a nice place to call home.
Lots of opinions here. After you have a few grow notches in your belt, you will form your own! :439:
Listen to everyone and sort it out later.
Thanks again for hanging your hat here.
I'll see you :surf: the forums.
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hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome! and weed, thanks for that great link. gonna start reading it when i get home from work. are there any other growing resources here on the site, or external such as books, videos, etc. you recommend i checkout?