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Hello from the land of "The Land Of Green Card" AKA Cali.I'm a disabled vet
and card holder.I'm a simple soil grower so have bear with me.I don't believe
in prescription drugs because of the health risks.R.I.P Jimmy.My brother.The
V.A. and their drugs killed him.1967 to 1995.1 year before prop 215 could of helped him.
Thank you for your support

Happy Kitty

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Welcome to the forums, Tommy. I know you'll be a great addition. Please keep posting, let's hear more from youLet's hear more from you.

Sorry to hear about your brother..

Peace and happiness


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My grandpa's a vet, but he was a cook, so he didn't see much action outside the kitchen and dining rooms :)

Welcome to the forums!


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Thank you all for the warm welcome.I feel at home here.Now playing.
Grand daddy purple.Holy smoke.I finished 1 tester.Only 7" tall.I know now
you got to veg them a while.If you haven't had the pleasure do so.


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Welcome tommyboy, we all love and appreciate new members hope you enjoy the site, there is a lot to see!
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