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Long way from nubieville


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Been growing for the last 30 years. Outside mostly but inside also. Read alot know alot still learning after all these years. 1 bust 20 years ago ratted out by a scum bag. Will continue to read most of these post. Thanks for being here.Just wanted to say Hi! :thanks:


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Welcome, outdoormaster! It was 24 years ago when I got popped. Power company tree trimmers up in their man-lift saw over our fence. Haven't touched it again until this year, when I did my first guerilla grow. Nice to meet another soldier. Come visit us at the Over-50 Club!

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devils letuce

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welcome to :420:.

sorry to hear about the nosy tree people taking away your freedom to grow..hopefully it will work out perfectly this time around ..seems like u have a ton of experience and a wealth of info ..


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Outdoormaster, good to meet you! Hopefully we'll see a grow journal from you at some point! :)

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