Longer Veg Outdoor With Solar LED Spot Light?

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Hey 420 world! I'm in kind of a pickle here, I grow indoors under an LED and the other day I found some good bag seeds germinated them and was planning on vegging them under my LED for about 3-4 weeks while I still have room in my tent then moving them outside when it gets a little warmer out and spring kicks in. I put them in soil and they just sprouted. I forgot to think about the drastic change in the amount of hours of light the plant will receive when transitioning it outdoors. The plant I am currently vegging in my tent is on an 18/6 light cycle so I don't want to mess with that now. I hope I'm not violating any LED Light forum rules here but I found this Solar Powered LED Spot light on Amazon and was wondering if it would help keep my plant in veg longer. I AM NOT TRYING TO GROW A PLANT WITH THIS LIGHT JUST KEEP IT FROM FLOWERING EARLY.

It says its 200 lumens, on full blast will last 4-6 hours, durable, and comes on automatically when it gets dark out so I don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it on and screwing up the light cycle even more. I was thinking about doing that until about July and just turning if off to start flowering.

Again I hope I'm not violating any forum LED rules here and this was a super spontaneous decision on my end to start germinating now. Since prop 64 passed my buddy wants to start growing but doesn't want to buy a bunch of fancy indoor equipment and I have pots, left over soil, found some bag seeds and over excitingly germinated them without doing any outdoor growing research.

Any response would be GREATLY APPRECIATED and happy growing everyone.