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Longview Man Creates Pot-Infused Sodas - Coffee Drinks

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Washington State - Pomegranate soda with a little bit of pot. Coffee with a cannabis kick. A Longview bottler is using Washington's newly legal marijuana to create a new category of THC treats. It's the kind of pot consumption the founder, Atam Stites, hopes you can take home to mom. "It's much more approachable, as opposed to 'Hey, mom and dad, do you want a joint?'" Stites said.

On Monday, stores around Washington, including two in Vancouver, will start selling marijuana-infused soda from Stites' Mirth Provisions. The brand of drinks is called "Legal," although the line of pot/coffee drinks are still waiting for the state's green light. When the coffee comes on board, Stites says people who buy them will be in for what he's calling, "Wake and bake." The trickiest part, he said, is coming up with a formula that gives the consumer just the right amount of buzz.

"The idea is we are going to put a reasonable dosage in here that you can kick back and casually drink the whole thing without worrying about how are you going to feel later," he said. That amount turned out to be twenty milligrams of marijuana per drink. Don't expect to see 'Legal' at your local grocery store. They're only sold in Washington's licensed marijuana shops. Mirth Provisions has already lined up eight of the state's 22 shops and is already dreaming of the next potential market: Portland. Of course, "Legal" needs to be just that in Oregon, which voters could make happen in November.


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