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Look at dis poem


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I wrote this shit in school... it tells how i now feel about weed... begining is good...last will be not so good for you but i love it..read it as you wont(can be a rap)
now when i toak i feel my IQ drop/i once felt stoned and high ontop/but nowwhen i puff i feel really dum/a small child sucking his thumb/when i take bong hits ill fall asleep/instead of countn bud i now count the sheep/a joint is a sleeping pill to my mind/motorskills fucked up ill soon fall behind/i dont know maybe its the best for me/could die outside,inside drinking tea/im begining to hate weed,a retard soon to be/almost paralyzed in my own misary/my room messy and it smells like herb/outside borded windows i hear a bird/the voices in my head cant be heard/i feel naked,a dog de-fured/i sit here alone upon my bed/no one will understand the thoughts in my head/pondering unhuman consepts untill im dead/then the green kicks in and i forgot what i said/i geuss i still feel somthing from this 10 dalla blunt/we are all confused stoners waiting out front
i wake with you/sleep with you/i love you dearly/i hold you/play with you/although you can not hear me/without i would be insane/my love an addiction in my brain/my girlfreind is mary jane/threw cold nights/hard fights/and ruff times in my life/alone myself/with freinds i take bowly off the shelf/and you can happily be my wife/
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I like its
but if thats really how you feel maybe it would be good to take a break

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thats pretty damn good i'll say. if thats still your current situation you chould go out and smoke at parties and with friends instead of alone in your room. when your alone and smoke you have nothing but time to think, and thinking about shit you dont wanna think about can make you pretty depressed. go out and smoke with friends and you wont have time to think because you'll be having so much fun. if your anything like me and my friends we'll laugh our asses off at the most mundane and simple everyday things. its great, getting high with good friends puts humor into almost anything you can think of.
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