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Will 001

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This is my first rdwc grow and my lower leaves are turning or have turned yellow. Plants looked great yesterday. I use flora 3 part series. I ph to 5.7 and have a ppm reading of 666. My water temp is 68-72 and room temp is 74-76. I have looked for insects and there are none. Could this be a deficiency. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Looks like N deficiency but it's not. 666 is more than enough.
The idea with the ppm is to follow it mate. You want to keep that number steady or just dropping slightly.
Magic number be somewhere around 300ppm of nutes plus your water for a plant that size.
If the ppm goes up from day to day the nutes are getting stronger so add water.
If the number drops any more than like 10% each day then up the dose to compensate as the mix is getting weaker. Not used those nutes before. Baffles me why everyone puts bloom nutes into a seedling so I'll refrain from advising how to use each bottle but the ppm rule is solid.
If you keep it steady the pH behaves itself too.
How often are you changing the Res? Should be 10 days max. 7 if you can be bothered though. The mix goes bad even with oxygen in it. Also goes out of balance too as the plants are picking and choosing what they feed and leaving the rest in the Res. They don't absorb everything equally so after a week, the 300ppm in the Res isn't the same 300ppm that was there at the start. It could potentially be extremely different.
Not got any nasty gunk growing in the Res? No wierd slime or smells? Roots should feel fairly dry when they're out the water.

Will 001

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I change the res once a week. No bad smell or slime. Ph is stable and doesn’t usually fluctuate except for the day after I change the res. But it’s a very small adjustment. I’ve been using the recommendation off the bottle for nutrient feedings but I’ll try to cut that in half and see how that works.
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