Lookah New Seahorse 2.0


Dear 420Mag members,
I want to introduce you to the latest product from Lookah, the new Seahorse 2.0 vape pen.

The Lookah Seahorse 2.0 is a comprehensive update to the original seahorse vape pen, which won the Best Designs Award when showcased at the 2019 Hemp & CBD expo.

With this new vape, we've updated several aspects of the original Seahorse, which were subpar, and together these mean this newest seahorse delivers a far superior dabbing experience.

The airway vapor path that flowed around the original Seahorse battery was a pain to clean effectively. TheSeahorse 2.0 addresses this issue by moving the battery and internals around, so the vapor has a direct line from the coil's base directly to the mouthpiece. Now it's far easier to clean with a little brush or pipe cleaner.

The mouthpiece on this new Seahorse 2.0 is held in place magnetically, so taking it off and giving it a rinse or getting access to clean the device is more accessible as well.

While we were at it, we put a magnetic ring around the cap cover, so we hope those won't get lost as easily.

It has the same familiar five (5) button press to turn on or off the device
And the same variable voltage selections by pressing the power button two (2) times which cycles through the three preset outputs: low 3.2V (blue), medium 3.6V (purple), and high 4.1V (white). Oh, and we made the light better around the power button, so it lights up better and is easier to see.

We changed it to charge from USB-C, which is reversible, so it doesn't matter which way round you plug it in.

It has the same manual and session mode as the earlier seahorse devices. We even designed a new tip which is like a little ceramic straw. Of course, it also fits the older tips if you prefer those.

The retail price for the Seahorse 2.0 is $42.99, and it will be available in a range of different colors. The blue being the first to arrive in stock, but the others should be in stock shortly.

As always, if you would like any more info or have any questions, please message me or email us at support@lookah.com

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