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Looking for a different type of strain for a different type of reason


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Hello everyone,
I am putting together a list of strains I want to grow and wanted to get something, well how do I put this, colorful? I already have a few strains picked out for their medicinal effects, and will be growing them as well, but I also wanted to grow one simply for the colors of the flowers. I know many of you have grown many different strains and may be able to steer me in the direction I want to go. I really do not care what the THC or CBD levels are or are not in this strain, just that it is the most stunning colors in bud you have ever seen. I have seen a few that I find quite striking, like the "Dark Devil" but for some reason I am drawn to the brilliant purples and reds. I plan to try to get at least one new strain for the color factor in every grow starting with grow #4 since #'s 2 and 3 are already in progress.
I am open to any suggestions. I just really find MJ to be such a stunningly beautiful flower.



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A few..
Granddaddy purp usually has some pretty purples,
Been seeing alot of colored cheeses lately too, blue cheese, purple cheese..

Red dragon looks fairly red.
Red afro( more purple then red)

My seedbank has a search feature for blue,red,purple seeds. Would imagine many banks to have a feature/categories as such.
(not sure i can link you.. Pm if you want details)


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Dr Fish

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This is a pic of Blackberry, cut from the Nirvana site..

It would probable take some special controlled temps to develop that kind of color....
Another one that might prove interesting to work with is China Yunnan from Ace seeds...

Then there's always Purple Kush and gdp...
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