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Looking for a direct answer


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Hey I have only used this website for a few days but still can't get a direct answer on a bug prob so here goes....... I have been growing in soil for 3 yrs and always have the same bug prob. It generaly starts after 4 to 5 weeks into flowering. The bug in question is black between a 1/8 th and a 1/4 in long and seems to discolorate the leafs to death. At first I thought it to be thrips but the signs don't match. For starters I see no defenite poop.

I could be wrong but I sprayed an organicide on them(which is supposed to kill them) and it didn't do anything. So to say the least I am perplexed

Any help is greatly appreciated

Sorry abbout some spelling

JJ Bones

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If you've been growing in soil for 3 years and always get the same bug problem, I would change soil.

If you can get pictures of your pest it would definitely help.

I recommend AzaMax as a foliar and soil drench (unless your using worms).


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bio degradable dish soap, spray everything
neem oil
dont over water, let it dry out without wilting. very dry!!!
let me know
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