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Looking for a reasonable priced Airstone/Airpump combo, opinions?


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Hey everybody I have an 18 gallon tote with 10 gallons of water in it as my res along with a one gallon cloning tray. I would like to run a single air pump with a t fitting, one going to the cloning tray airstone and the other to the res airstone. What do you guys think would be the best airstone/pump combo? Low noise and cheap are a must! Thanks so much for the hand!:thumb:


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I actually today will fix up a bubble cloner! I got the idea from this site idk wat his name was but I bought 2 Bubble wands from Walmart, A 5 quart plastic box with lid from the Dollar store I already had a Air pump and the air hoses So as far as your question I just bought mine at walmart, but u might need someone else to weigh in !!


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Hello, it's been a while since i've been here. But I reccomend going to Petsmart they have great air pumps and air stones and all the tubing and fittings you would need. They are cheap and quiet as well.


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From what I know if running dwc you are going to want to get a pump that is equal to 1 watt a gallon. I have a rainforest that is max 17 gallons and got the commerical 1 that is 18 watts. I started using a tetra whisper 20gal pump and trust me your better off with that first ratio. I use the tetra now for the mixing can.
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