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Looking for a used BloomBox Is this a good deal?


I know where there is a BloomBox for sale used $2199 & still under warranty too. It is in DFW TX though on craigslist. looks pretty good even has a snap on decal & looks like a tool box. Says T5 upgrade & a co2 tank... Is this a good deal & worth the drive to DFW TX ? wonder what shipping would be or if it would get torn up?
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Be careful getting stuff off craigslist. A good friend of mine got busted shorly after he bought some lights. it was a sting op.

That's a great heads-up Al.
I thought about that recently and have been seeing more and more nice set ups on CL with flood tables, bucket systems, lights, meters, etc etc.

Way more than usual.
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Hey o2much,

I know it's been 7 months since you posted this but I'm getting ready to put my Bloombox on craigslist for $2000. But I would let it go for $1500 to a 420mag member. I am also in the DFW area. What I have is the Bloombox Royale package minus the nutes. So CO2 tank, T5s, extra emitters, 2 carbon filters (i never used 'em), extra fan, battery backup, dryer, ect. If you or anybody is interested, I can send pics. Sorry i didn't catch this earlier.
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