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Looking for Advice on Changing Careers


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Good morning everyone,

First time poster and looking to network a little bit and get to know everyone. I am also looking to bail out of the restaurant industry. I have been in it for 20 years working from line cook to director of food and beverage for a resort. With Covid I was let go in December and since they didn't have any plans on expanding further until after the pandemic.

Politics aside, the restaurant industry is in a horrible place and I want to move into the medical MJ industry.

The problem is, my networking is all inside the restaurant industry. I see the cannabis licensing classes and I wonder if I should drop the cash on this or wait for a position. Or even some people to start talking to in the industry here in Ohio. I have applied, reached out, and tried to get my foot in the door and I seem to keep stumbling over them. Any advice for someone with a depth of information managing, just not in this industry?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Welcome aboard @Jurasco

I understand your feelings about your last employment situation; my daughter has been doing it for almost as long.

First my fatherly opinion,

Do you know how to grow primo cannabis all the time, or are your thinking about the buyer's approach?

It's a tough industrial that has and euphoria around it. I am not saying their isn't money to be made, but your a minnow compare to the big money. If you would like to take the classes for personal growth, I would say go for it. If they are not too expensive.

Their is another member on here that had a similar question and a member in the busy broke it down for them.

I can't remember the post or members names, but it was about 2 months ago. Try doing a couple searches; it is worth reading if you ask me. It bought up a lot of issues that the interested individuals would not normally think of.

:goodluck: on your adventure, with whatever you decide.

Stay safe, and grow well my friend,

Tok.. :bong:

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Grow Journal of the Month: June 2021 - Member of the Month: July 2021
Give this a read

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