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Looking for advice

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So I was recently approached by an elderly lady with Parkinson's who wants to try medical marijuana and I think I need to make a tincture or an oil-based product for her. So my question is what would work better diluting some RSO and coconut oil or a straight alcohol tincture.

Either way I figured I would start with micro doses to see how well she can take it and how well it alleviates her symptoms.

Any advice would be awesome


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Do you have the knowledge of dosing correctly?.
Do you have the tools to make all you need?..
You have everything you need in Sue's threads, like the kn in my signature.


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Yea im pretty sure that im good as far as actually making the meds i make rso for other patients just wasnt sure on how to start this lady off.

So my plan is to infuse 1 gram of rso into 200ml of coco oil and start by advising her to try 2ml by mouth and see how it helps.

In the end she will determin her own dose on a trial base.

I was just looking for advice on a carrier agent.


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Is she willing to smoke it? vape it?