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Looking for Charlotte's Web seeds


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I've had Chronic Pain for almost 30 years. My pain goes from 4-10 to 10-10 depending on my activity. I have Anklosing Spondlarthritis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Muscle Spasms.

I am not interested in getting high or stoned. I am looking for CBD Cannabis: Charlotte's Web seeds or any other
seeds, that are HIGH CBD and low THC.

Teddy Edwards

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Hi AJ1Marie and welcome to 420 Magazine. :welcome:

Sorry to hear of your problems. We have a plethora of experts here when it comes to Oil - you may want to ask the same question to them in this thread: How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil.

We also have a sponsor who specialises in Oil that may be of use to you: CBD Oils UK

Good luck. :Namaste:


I'm not sure what CBD levels CW has, but I have recently bought some seeds from CBD crew - Therapy. High CBD with minimal to no THC. I got them because I think they will be good healing plants for some things. That said, I am also a big fan of THC and so I have many strains that go gangbusters on that front. I also have a number of 'combos' like Medgom-1 and blueblood etc.

Maybe check out CBD crew's Therapy?

Good luck!


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Don't believe the hype... there is a big commercial trend behind CBD phenomenon. But the truth is that most of the so called CBD seeds, won't really have the same chemical ratios as many of those high CBD clones.

Plus most growers don't have access to labs so they won't even be able to find out the high CBD phenotypes.


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There's also been a lot of talk going around about the "entourage effect". If your a believer then you will need the THC, no way around it. Just my 2¢.


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I've been dealing with arthritis for about 7 years and back problems most of my life. What I found with cbd is yes it does help but it also needs the addition of thc to help in aiding and and inflammation. Of you can get you hands on some harliquin or ac/dc or cannatonic those are very very hi cbd with low thc I believe there are a 1:1 or 1:2 thc to cbd levels.

This isn't for everyone tho. The such low amounts of thc don't really cause a high but if you can happen to find a cbd indica stick with you've found the holy grail.

Look up how to make edibles oils or topical ointment (i make a running alcohol tincture for my hands using shitty throw away trim and it works miracles) take shitty trim from a buddy or dispensary you do want the thc as well and get some 91 or higher percentage running alcohol and pour and save half the bottle then fill the other half with trim. Let it sit on the shelf for a few weeks to a month and shake it every few days. I pour out a handful and rub it all over my hands wrists and elbows and in minutes you feel the relief and better yet no matter how much thc YOU WILL NOT GET HIGH.

My girlfriend's uncle showed me how he used it for his knees he is in a powered wheel chair and has limited use of his legs and can still walk but needs to use this afterwards.

Besides a little time all you need is this. Is assume you could speed it up by activating the trim in the oven at 220 for an hour then putting it in the alcohol but it naturally activates over the course of the few weeks causing the awesome feeling it gives you within 5 minutes. I couldn't goto work without it there's no way I could hold my tools all day comfortably


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Sorry you don't need an entire bag of trim a half oz to an oz would work and that's would run maybe 20 to 40 bucks in a dispensary. I've asked growers for a little bag of trim for 10 bucks and gotten garbage bags full. People don't want to have to deal with disposing of trimming and making their neighborhood aware of their grows. So if they can get rid of it and get paid for it they will.

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Check out "Thunderstruck" by SinCitySeeds (I got them at Herbies.) I have several growing right now, they have a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. They also have Treasure Island that is 4:1.
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