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Looking for Distribution Agent Worldwide


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Agent Wanted World-Wide -VapingFans
Since its inception, VapingFans team have been working to enhance the smoking experience of smokers. Our vaporizer glass attachment is also very popular all over the world, and has been highly recognized by many smoking industry enthusiasts.

As the star glass factory in the vaporizer glass accessories industry, we are about to start the global mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.
If you are smoking enthusiasts, then you can join our company's service system and become our distribution agent. We can provide services:

1: Product customization development service , as long as you have an ideas or drawing, we can achieve product proofing to mass production for your team.

2: Distribution agents for the whole product line, including web stores and mobile phone client stores ,beautify and marketing.

3: help customers hatch their brand and set up exclusive marketing system. both glass porducts and any electronics smoking device.

4: Drop Shipping service available too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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