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Looking for info on mmj vs pain meds

Leroy Brown

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Hi everyone.
Just looking for some information. My grandmother broke her pelvis a few months back and is on some serious pharmaceutical pain medication but it isn't helping her pain at all anymore. My uncle and i gave her some MJ cookies to help her with the pain. Our family is very anti drug so it wasn't easy to suggest but knowing it might help my grandmother said she would ask her doctor and if he agreed she would give it a go. Not surprisingly he told her it wouldnt mix with her other medication. I know that he is just protecting his hip pocket so i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some info to prove otherwise that I could show my grandparents. I really want to help my nanna with her pain and also its killing my granddad seeing his wife like this. The stigma surrounding this wonderful plant is very strong in Australia still but slowly things are changing.
Thank u to anyone who can help my situation.


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I have a bunch of information linked in my blog including research articles and the link in my signature for dosing concentrated cannabis oil has a great deal of info as well. You might also want to do a search on pubmed.com for cannabis and pain or cannabis and cancer to find a bunch of information.


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And maybe try to explain to your grandmother that all drugs are basically just chemicals, and how those chemicals react with our brains determines how well they work. For instance, the chemicals in alcohol are poisonous to our bodies, but since we all come with endocannabinoids, the CBDs in cannabis actually work with our bodies (not against them).

You can compare THC in strength to drugs like codeine, depending on the strength of the strain. And for your grandmother, there should be little to no side effects, and she doesn't have to worry about addiction. If she has a problem with consuming cannabis, perhaps you could try a topical cream or lotion?

Lab Rat

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I'm 38 and treat my illness (a vascular mutation in my brainstem) with RSO. I did not get anything out of smoking or vaping other than nausea control and more appetite. The real healing started when I started taking it as oil.

I am not in any pain but a friend's dad has liver cancer, failed his chemo and got sent home to die. He was given 1 month to live like 6 months ago. He was already maxed out on morphine and still in pain, had been bedridden for 5 days and is quite against drugs as well (illegal ones of course).

The next day after taking the oil he was up and about and 2 days after he was driving. He is currently taking a high amount (about 5 grams a week); he worked his way up to that amount though cause its quite a lot. He is currently not taking any analgesics at all, so no pain and no morphine or pills.

I'm not sure what's going on with his tumor but he keeps improving. Just be careful on the dosing as it will make her high if she takes too much. Perhaps she can start at night before bed.

Here's a nice technical video by Dr. Donald Abrams, Chief of Oncology and Hematology since 1983 at San Francisco General.

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