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Looking for some advice please

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Hi I'm New enuff to this so bare with me.
I have 14 northern lights just over 6 weeks old , just put them into flower .
I transplanted 3 weeks ago into airo 12l pots with plagron all mix and plant magic granuls,
The all mix has 5-6 weeks of food so have only watered with ph corected water but am starting to notice bright green in upper fresh growth and some of the leafs are starting to to curl up and starting to burn I think:(
Any ideas guys ?
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Any body ?
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Cool would u think it's lack of or lock out ?
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Cool man thanks for your help again I'll try up the ph and see if that helps if not maybe a flush is needed , that plant is the worst effected just hope the others don't follow suit , cheers man :thumbs:
Let me know how it goes. In my playground link, there's usually guys named stumped and skunnymonster that are great with troubleshooting soil grows. I'm a passive hydro guy, so I'm not sure about how to correct it. What has your pH been? And how close is it to the light?
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I have not checked the soil ph but watering with 6.5 the last two waterings I lowered it to 5.5 because my run off was up over 7 , so maybe that's were I've gone wrong , they were going great till now
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Sorry lights are a 400w and 600w hps in cool tubes about 2 feet above them running at about 73f.
Yeah I would flush them with what worked before. Might have over buffered it, but it's an easy fix. Hopefully this will correct it. Might take a few days to show, so just pay attention to new growth and make sure it don't get worse
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Thanks bro that's what I wanted to hear lol , I'll let u know how it goes :smile:
Sorry, I would like to ask a few questions !!!
1 I started training three weeks ago, why some seedlings will grow slowly?
2 Many seedling foliage yellow, greenish veins, leaves whitish, how could this be?

Time: three to four weeks
Variety: White Widow
Soil PH: 6.8
Watering Water PH: 5.5
Temperature: 27 ° C
The level of brightness: 300
Lighting: LED 200W
Lights Time: 24/0

There are professionals who can help me answer it?
Thank you !!!