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Looking for some drug testing advice


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I have a drug test in a couple of days and it would mean the world to me if I could get some opinions of what my best options are. I'm 5'2 110lbs. For the passed 3 months I've smoked maybe 2 to 4 times a week. Then I went on vacation and smoked once of twice a day for 10ish days. I found out about my test on wed 7/16, so I've been clean since then. I'm thinking I'll only be able to put off this test until Saturday the 26th at the latest. I've been doing a. 6 day permanent detox (that I'm pretty skeptical of) and taking niacin daily hoping to speed up my system. I'm drinking over a gallon of water a day and working out. I'm also planning on using suregel or omni the day of the test. Will this work or will I have to go the synthetic urine route? Anyone have any other ideas to help with the cleanse? At this point I'll try pretty much anything.


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Substitution is your only way of passing right now. Get someones clean pee or synthetic. Forget the detox, or any of that stuff, and niacin does not work. I'm sorry but for this situation its either substitute, or fail. Good luck


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Your small so you do have a chance of peeing clean but its a fairly slim chance. If you're going to try and go that way I would pickup a couple of cheap test strips and test yourself at home. Subbing with synthetic or someone elses clean urine is going to be your best bet.
Don't drink a bunch of fluids now, it doesn't help. You can try dilution the morning of the test to increase your chances.


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hi i am in need of some serious help... i have gone a month in a half without smoking...and then i went on a little week vacation and smoked with m cousin...i have made it back home and got a call for some interviews and i have to take a drug test tomarrow and then one one Wednesday... its been a week since i have smoked please help me out...WHAT DO I DO??????
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