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Looking for tips on lighting requirements and tent sizes


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Hey guys, I'm looking to do a low hassle build out here to grow the following seed strains

Purchased strains:
G13 Haze
Sour Diesel

possible others (free seeds, not sure which I got yet): THC Snow, White Widow Max, Strawberry Cough

I'd like to have a continuous supply for personal use, so I'm looking to build two tents: one for vegetative growth and one for flowering. How many plans could I grow in two 3x3 tents? I'm looking at typical HID lighting with possible supplemental halogen side lighting. These will be grown with 5 gallon DWC bucket setup, so I'm thinking space wise I will be limited to 5 buckets in a staggered arrangement due to bucket dimensions. Or is 9 buckets in 3x3 setup manageable in one tent since a 5 gal bucket is 12" across? Is this too tight or is this doable? If its doable, will 600w HID be a good match? Also trying to identify if I need to get 2 air filters and 2 fans or if I can run one set of ducting from one tent to the next with the carbon filter and exhaust fan on one tent alone. or would this cause one of the tents to get too hot? lots to do still. thanks for the help guys.


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1st off scrap the halogen side light idea, for one they create a ton of heat and 2nd they will not produce a useable light unless you want good lighting to take pictures. For supplemental lighting might I suggest going with a CFL which runs much cooler and will actually produce a light the plant can use. As to how many plants can you stuff into a 3x3 tent using 5 gallon buckets, well yes you could stuff 9 in there though your plants will soon be over crowded and changing water/nutrients will be a nightmare. Heck even just adding water daily with 9 buckets in a 3x3 would be a challenge. I am presently using a 4x4 for veg and a 5x10 for flowering. I can fit quiet a few plants into my 4x4 since normally they are of different sizes. Last time I filled it up I had 4 plants in 7 gallon pots and 4 in 1 gallon pots. It was doable but watering was a pain in the ass. When I flower I only flower 4 at a time and use about 1/2 of my 5x10 to flower those 4 plants. I prefer to give the plants a little space so light can penetrate and air can circulate better. I run 1 fan in my veg tent and 3 in my flowering tent, all are oscillating types. I use a 24" Can carbon filter for the flower tent with a inline Vortex fan VTX600. My fresh air inlet has a small 6 inch inline fan with the inlet of the duct located up near the ceiling of the room my tent is in to bring in warm air and distribute it into the tent near the bottom of the tent. Come summer time I will relocate the ducting to the lower part of the room to bring in cooler air.

Personally I would veg with fluorescents and flower with a HPS 600 watt for what you are suggesting. Around 400 watts of fluorescent lighting would be more then enough light to veg under and your electric bill will be thanking you. I would suggest that in a 3x3 tent for flower, go with 4 plants, they will be happier and bushier then if you cram them in. Plus daily maintenance will not become such a chore that you will be able to enjoy your grow. Remember, you do not have to grow it all in one grow. The more crammed the tent the easier for the spread of Powdery Mildew and Spider Mites just to name a few issues. Also with 9 five gallon buckets in that small of an area, it will be hard to maintain low water temp in your buckets which increases your chances of root rot.

I wish you the best of luck with your grow with what ever you decide to go with


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I agree with four plants in that space. Less/larger plants is better in every way. For that size of plants, your 5 gallon pots will be a bit on the small side, but not critically so, IMO. Yes to the 600 watt light. I'm not sure about the venting question. I think that's fine and I'm pretty sure I've noticed others doing it that way, but I haven't.


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My suggestion would be to scrap the idea of two equal sized tents and shoot for one 2'x4' tent for veg and a 4'x4' tent for flower. Not much more floor space, but the logistics really work out to the advantage of a perpetual setup. My advice would be 4 plants in the 4'x4' tent. You can use HID lighting, but if heat is going to be an issue, I would look towards LED. My favorite LED right now is the DIY Cree COB units. Cost about the same as a decent LED light, but much more efficient and saves on energy.
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