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Looking for wetting agent advice


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I'm not satisfied with my soil grow watering techniques. I notice dry spots under the surface.

I've been watering the pots with PH adjusted water until there are rivers flowing out of the holes in the bottom of the pots. I pour it in gently and evenly getting a good flow of water over the entire surface of the pot... usually forming a large pool of water in the top of the pot that sublimates down.

Often I notice that there is a dry spot just under the surface even tho there was just a pool of water over that same spot.

I think I need a wetting agent. I believe a few drops of dish soap will suffice. I also plan to use a plastic tub under the pots to hold the water in the bottom area of the pots for about 1hr after watering.

Am I nutts or does my plan seem sane?


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Would Aerating help?
Poking a spikes down into the soil every inch or so apart or something?
Ive heard of using soap when I was young..but don't know anything about its actual use.


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I too had this problem :( it was like the top inch of soil was solid
But what I did was
water in smaller increments.....instead of pouring the usual 1litre I just poured 1/2 and then poured the other half like an hour later
if I didn't feed this way the water would pool up and run off through the sides ..then there would be runoff all over the place
anyway gl


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Thanks for the help folks.
After trying your responses, I modified them to come up with my own concoction.
Soap worked well. I'm not a huge fan of adding anything that's not necessary, so I decided I could answer the issue without soap.
Spraying them in with a garden sprayer seemed to work well... but I'm a little worried about dry spots more in the middle or deeper when I use this method. It has the added detractor of being a bit slow... I'm incredibly lazy.
Incremental watering seems to be my preferred method. I combined it with a soak method.
Current regime:
1. Add nutes (if feeding) and PH adjust some water that's been sitting out uncovered for at least a day. I use tap water and it's heavily treated and has a PH of about 8.3
2. Put plant container in a galvanized metal tub I happen to have. Anything to catch the runoff should do.
3. Add 2/3 of your water mix. You want to see some runoff in the tub... enough to cover the holes in the bottom of the container.
4. Wait for at least 1/2 hr.
5. Add the remaining water to the plant.
6. Let runoff drain and return plant to growing chamber.

This works for me. I'm sure the incremental watering is the largest contributing factor to the mix.

Again... thanks for all the ideas.


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If take the soil near the stem and push some against the edges then take a coat hanger and Gently put
Holes straight down around stem trying not to damage root ball then add half then half again as u mentioned this will help. For future ref u can add more vermiculite/ perlite to mix. I believe a 50# bag is like 9-12$ in my area this will add airation and water retention to ur soil, if u are going to transplant before flower this might be a good option for u, but to each there own buddy and happy growing
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