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Looking to grow a plant..?


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I'm looking to grow a plant, so hopefully you guys can help me. One of my friends suggested we planted some seeds down at our house we have in south jersey. They're just some seeds from a bag of ares? we had, ares is just some mexican brick"boogs". So theres like 5-6 seeds here, i was just going to dig up a little of the backyard, spread the seeds, come back a while later and hope its a plant. First, theres no good fertilizer there, so i was just going to plant it in some no nutrient dirt, is that a waist? I don't need it to become dro, i just want it to be as good as the boogs that they have over here. I'm not looking to put any time in it, being as its in south jersey i can't pay too much attention to it. So can i just put the seeds in the ground, let it grow, and come back to a nice big plant with nice buds?

If so how far should i put the seeds in the ground? Do i just take the seeds out of the bag and put them in the ground right away? How many seeds should i put down? How far should i spread them between eachother? and last... How do i know if the plants going to be male or female?
Thanks dudes!


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andd one question i forgot to ask...
How much of a problem are insects and everything? will they destroy my plant if i just let it grow outside untouched by anything except water and sunlight? again i just want to plant it and come back months later to a plant i can smoke..?

stoned snake

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ok in my opinion you should visit your shit at least onece every week or irt will most likley be eaten by wild animals iv had this problem i didnt visit my 3 ft tall plant for 2 weeks i go there the other day and it got eaten probebly by a fucking deer (god i hate deer) ok first you should piss around the area you dug up if possible get some of that camo type chicken wire and make a fence only if you are certain that noone will see it or notice it
people are the worst kind of pests so keep your presence undetected

also you could go out and buy some bar sope to keep deer away put it in a mason jar
deer dont like strange scents so if you change the sope over with a different kind of brand every now and again i think you will be fine as for pests got to the pests section on the fourms and look up how to make a garlik spray an aplication every 2 weeks will be good
otherwise you should not worry about your shit so much if you have a safe spot just check on it and piss around the area to keep animals away about
the germinating look on the seeds fourms and wel kep up on your reading
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