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Looks like mold - What's going on?


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Hi Guys,

New to The forum and looking for some help.

Does anyone know what the white spot is?

I've grown this strain for years and this is the first time the spots have appeared. Bud size is smaller than "normal". This is 1 of 6 plants in my room and it is the only one showing the spots.

Pic 1: Spot on leaf
Pic 2: Spot on Leaf @ 80x magnification
Pic 3: Spot on Leaf @ 80x magnification
Pic 4: Underside of buds without spots

At first glance with the naked eye, the Spot looked like mold but I was unable to locate any mold with a similar appearance.

Thanks in advance!

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Oh no! The dreaded powdery mildew!
Try searching on how to make a milk spray for them(not on budding plants). Either that or using sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) as a foliar spray. And lowering your relative humidity.
They seemed to help me a bunch in slowing it down.

Once you spray your girls be sure to have plenty of air circulation and to shake excess water off.

Then look up how to wash your buds.

Hope this helps!
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