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Loony's Durban Poison Indoor Grow 06/2017


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Just completed my first SCROG grow. i learnt that I know stuff all about the SCROG method of growing. A Big Bud/White Widow Hermi'd on me but that was due to to much stress and tipping the plant way too many times. As the Durban poison has turned out to be as good as I remembered from 30 years ago. I thought That I would run with her this time and see what I can produce.

This is what I know of the strain:

Durban Poison
This original Durban Poison is a classic variety that is tough and sturdy enough for outdoor growing in severe Northern and Southern latitudes. However it can also be grown indoors where it can be ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks. This strain was carried over to Holland from South Africa and was inbred over many years during the 70's, this helped each generation of Durban Poison to become progressively resilient to windy and rainy conditions of Northern Europe. During the rearing processes some unknown Indica genetics had been crossed with Durban, Durban may at first show wide Indica style leaves, but the growth pattern allows the Sativa dominance to show by the end with long flourishes pierced by slender Sativa styled leaves. With plenty of root space it stems sturdy side branches that will carry heavy, thick resinous blooms. Durban Poison holds a spicy haze taste that flows with hints of aniseed, licorice and cloves. The buds are usually dark green that are potent with consistently vast yields, it's also resistant to mold and various other pests.

Flowering Time : 60 Days
Sex : Feminized or Regular
Type : Sativa
Area : Indoor and Outdoor

That's the write up at Attitude Seeds. I found that the flowering time was closer to 70 days, but after a two month grow, whats another 10 days. On the scrog method, the girls were sitting in 2 x 38 lt pots. piggy back style. guess work i'd say around 70lt per plant I was gifted 12.4 dried oz's. from a 8 week grow, and 8 weeks flower. From that mother I cloned 12 babies. These Durban poison monster cropped clones were cut at day 35 from the mother. (monster crop = to cut a clone during flower stage usually between 19 - 29 days).

As shown they are in a standard ali foil tray, in rock wool, under a fluro tube. On the day of the picture it was day 19, from cutting and they have taken root and are growing out nicely.

I am using the HY - Gen product range.
This is my feeding schedule.- http://www.hydroponicsolutions.com.au/cms-content/products/feed-chart.pdf

At this present time I am unsure as to what this grow will be, (am moving soon). Either tip once and grow in soil or tip twice and back under another SCROG. I will keep ya's all informed.
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