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Los Angeles Area finding seeds or clones

Hey all! I need to find seeds or clones from local places in the L.A area. I ordered from Attitude and my order was intercepted by U.S Customs and they pretty much told me I'm not getting a replacement order shipped or a refund. Don't feel confident ordering online anymore. Need to know where I can get some reliable seeds. Thanks for any advice or info


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hey man I'm in that area as well and I can tell you there are a number of places around with pretty decent clones.
It really depends on how far you are willing to travel too.
google: marijuanacloneslosangeles the first site will be an online pre-verification site with clone menus and what have you. hope this helps man!
Hey jinn thanks for the reply! I'm willing to travel a bit to get some clones or seeds. Its a lot better for me to use up a few bucks of gas and some spare time than relying on seed banks. I'm gonna go ahead and search for that site. Thanks again!
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