Lou Dobbs: We're Losing the War on Drugs


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I don't know quite what to make of this article. On one hand, he is pushing for increased drug treatment as opposed to prison, but on the other hand, he is saying we need to escalate the "War on Drugs".

Can anybody draw a coherent conlcusion from this story?

Dobbs: The war within, killing ourselves - CNN.com
He wants drug users persecuted, but he wants them in rehab instead of jail. A middle of the line approach.
Sounds like CNN.. oh, he is on CNN.. confused bleeding hearts.
Schultz420 said:
fuck lou dobbs, what the fuck does he know

Agreed on that point...

"I don't think there should be a St. Patrick's Day, I don't care who you are.":laughtwo:
The majority of new users are younger than 18, and more than half of them are female.

More chick potheads! No more sausage fest pot circles! OH I"M SO EXCITED!!
More on CNN TV: See how your teenager could get high on what is in your medicine cabinet. A special report, "The War Within," Lou Dobbs Tonight 6 p.m. ET.

Ummm am I the only one who finds something wrong about this? I mean they might as well have a commercial saying kids you wanna get high but have no money? Well tune in tonight at 6 and we'll show you how its done
i didnt read anywhere in there where they were talking specifically about pot. just narcotics in general. and there are some pretty harsh drugs out there. and so many do not consider "pot" the bigger problem. just what they think it leads to. i have seen so many friends, lose their lifestyle, and life itself on drugs. and i agree we are losing the war on drugs. but cmon who considers pot a drug anymore? ok so they do. and they are way too harsh on pot users, but the harder drugs that are out there, we need to have a war agnst.
but thats just my opinion..
i'm all for the war on drugs,but pot in my eyes is not a drugbut there are some drugs out there that ruin peoples lives to bad it is a problem that will never go away I think it would help if weed wasnt a part of the blackmarket though that would keep many of the potheads from comin in contact with such things
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