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Louisiana Man Cornell Hood Gets Life in Prison for Marijuana

Jim Finnel

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A Louisiana man has been sentenced to life in prison following his fourth marijuana conviction.

Cornell Hood II was convicted in February of attempting to possess and distribute marijuana after police found two pounds of pot in his house during a routine probation visit last year.

The conviction usually carries no more than 15 years in prison. But according to a report in The Times-Picayune, the prosecutor argued at sentencing last week that since this was his fourth conviction for the same crime, the 35-year-old Hood deserved the harshest penalty possible.

The judge agreed and sentenced him to life in prison.

Under Louisiana law, drug offenders are subject to life in prison after being convicted three or more times of a crime that carries a sentence exceeding 10 years.

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New Member
Life in prison? For a plant? I could see it if he killed someone or raped someone, etc. But for a plant? That's truly outrageous! There are murderers who get 8 yrs in prison, and are out in 5!!!!!
Ok, time to take a toke and relax, because I'm about to get angry and just might turn into the Hulk lol.

Julie Gardener

New Member
It's ridiculous!! It makes me ashamed for these judges that are still so behind on the times thinking that this kind of treatment is going to do anything except ruin a mans, and his family's, life all because of a plant...Uggg....Just legalize it already and stop this non-sense...


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well damn! Life! thats crazy! Another judge abusing their power!! sorry 3 hear that!
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I use to live in Louisiana. I was never so terrified to have smoke on me in my life. I was afraid to open my door to let the smoke out because I was afraid I would be stormed by the police. I had to tear down a closet grow one time there too. Not a MJ friendly place. When I first got there I was reading that the New Orleans prosecutor was seeking 5 year sentences for second offense possession charges of ANY amount.
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