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Louisville Kick Williams Off The Team after Marijuana Charges

Jim Finnel

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Louisville decided they will be better off without their troubled linebacker Willie A. Williams and announced they will let him go following his arrest this week on felony drug charges.

The 22-year-old was put under arrest Wednesday night under the charge of marijuana possession, felony tampering with physical evidence and driving without a license, the Louisville police spokesman stated.

Two years ago, Williams was one of the top prospects in the US and a pre-season All-Big East pick, but had numerous run-ins with the law – 11 arrests to be precise – that nearly cost him the scholarship to Miami. He then played for the Hurricanes and spent last year at West Los Angeles Community College.

"I'm very disappointed in Willie," athletic director Tom Jurich said in a statement. "I was confident that he had turned the corner in his life and was ready to be a valuable contributor to society and our football program."

Jurich imposed to Williams a set of rigid guiding principles when he came at Louisville and was very disappointed when he had to punish the linebacker for breaking them.

The Louisville police stopped the 6-3, 230-pound linebacker for driving the car with the music playing too loudly, police spokesman Phil Russell said. He initially failed to pull over for several blocks and managed to finally stop at Second and Broadway.

The detective that searched the car noticed that Williams was chewing on marijuana, according to the report. At the officer’s request Williams spited out the content in his mouth and additional marijuana was found in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

"He basically had the marijuana in his mouth," said Russell.

The identities of the other passengers weren’t made public as none of them was put under arrest on that night. Williams was released on his own recognizance Wednesday night.

Louisville took Williams after numerous meetings with Jurich and Coach Steve Kragthorpe. The 22-year-old played three games for the Cardinals (2-2) this year and recorded nine tackles.

Although ranked in the Top 10 at the season start, Louisville suffered two consecutive losses and will play their next game at North Carolina State on Saturday.

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