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Shoeless walkers
will discover the great
American Wasteland
through sidewalks
and trimmed hedges.
Consistent yellow
streaks on endless
planes of black space
look like Hell - to me.

The business man walks
and the lawyer man talks
and the white man stalks
the day-glow crazies with
their long hair and --
freak flags.

Satan sits on one knee
and Metal on the other
become chalk stains on my life.

Shoeless singers write of
poets in place of Kings
of Warriors
of mindless
congressmen drones.
Those who parade to
raise funds for
peace and care
and nuclear weapons.

True friends,
friends that make
eyes bright
Pass along in
Daisy fields and
true love flowing
having reached
their destination.

Memories of girls
in trees with friends
and lovers capturing
the moment in a
jar with no lid.

Forgiving others and
past deeds, lost in my
current sea of love
Rise Above
And drift past the flowers
And drift past the hours.

All last night,
I sat on the roof
and watched the
rising moon as I
captured her with
my pen and paper.

Ideas lost to the
endless night sky,
returned to the
eyes of the
shoeless lovers.
Notes of friendship
are the instruments
of love.

Words spring out
of my mouth and
affection drips
like water from my

Memories pass through
Heads and Fingertips,
like playing and old
guitar. Words spoken
like love rest like
peaches on your ears.

Shoeless lovers walk
through times of great
times of hate
times of late
friends and missed

Shoeless lovers are we.

:peace: Earth Child
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