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Low and slow CBD infusion


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Ok I am going to make CBD infused oil for a topical rub and also use for oral meds. I am going to use Sour space candy Industrial hemp 22.8% CBDA, less than .3% THC and organic pumpkin seed oil. I am planning on infusing oil in a little dipper crock pot. Crock pot gets up to around 175 degrees fahrenheit . I am NOT planning on decarbing prior to infusing, I am planning on letting infusion cook for a day or two with a timer 3 hours on and 3 hour off repeat, repeat, repeat...

Is this going to be good enough to decarb ?


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I also agree with @NewToTHC . If you try and decarb after, the peanut oil will begin to smoke right around the same temperature the THCA needs to decarb at. The peanut oil will start to smoke between 220f and 230f. I would guess that would interfere with the efficacy of the oil.

If its refined peanut oil, the smoke point is much higher.
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