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Low Humidity in flower?


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i`ve heard its good to lower the Humidity down to about 30% when the plants are in the flower stages. Is that right do you know ? How does High and Low humidity affect growing plants ?

is 33degrees Centigrade too hot in grow do you think ? I do blow a fan over them . I like to try to
keep it below 30 degrees if possible.

What doi you think guys ?

Fuzzy Duck

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Humidity of 30% to 50% in flowering is pretty much fine & can get away with up to 60% providing its not to prolonged of a few days or more.

My own humidity ranges between 40% to 60% whilst in flower :peace:

High humidity in flowering can cause bud rot tho.

Regarding temperature 30c & below is quite ok ideally 25c is fine, once temps get over 30c for long periods of time... like several days or so it can stop/stunt growth all together

But high temps means carbon dioxide can be used to allow to grow in higher temps, if budgit allows.

You can also invest in an inline extractor fan to vent warm air from grow area & expelling it out of the growing room some where else, this aid in lowering temps :thumb:
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