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Low-input clone experiment


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Jorge Cervantes says that cannabis cuttings are so easy to root, they have been known to root in water alone.

Well I had to trim back a leggy plant that was getting out of control and crowding out others. I had a cutting from a lower branch that I didn't really care about one way or the other so I figured I'd stick it in some water and see what happens.

The strain is High Plains. It doesn't root as easily as NYCD, in my exerience. I have not deprived the mothers of Nitrogen at all, so the cutting is at a further disadvantage because of that. All I did was cut a notch out of the cap of a milk jug, insert the trimmed cutting into the notch, and put the whole thing in a cup of reverse osmosis-filtered water. The stem was cut at a 45 degree angle. There are two cut leaf bracts below the water line. I put a plastic bag over the cup to form a humidity tent. I stuck the thing in a south-facing window under the shade of another plant.

I predict that it will root, but slower than if I were using rooting hormone and heating the root area; Let's say 3-4 weeks.


yeah i've seen clones root just being held in water. I think the lack of o2 though is possibly a problem with them always submersed which could explain why she didn't pull through


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should have added a drop of SuperThrive... look it up! air or not... it is important not to get a 'bubble' in the vascular intake when cloning best would be to cut it IN H20... serious!


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Just did another basic experiment, 2 drops superthrive 1 gal h20. Adventitious Rootcaps shown after 6 days. It's day 9 and there's clusters of rootcaps emerging, should be ready to plant in 1 week. Key is changing the water regularly. Superthrive isn't needed, just increases success/root mass. I'm going to try some willow or kelp next for organic cloning/rooting.
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